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Collecting Data: Sending data to your IBM BigFix support case

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Methods for how to send requested data to your IBM BigFix support case

Resolving the problem

You can use the following methods to send/upload your data to your support case.

Preferred Method: Upload via the IBM Support Community

Log in to the IBM Support Community, click Cases

and upload the data directly to your case.

Method 1: Email attachments

Send the data as an attachment in response to an email from support from the system or as a new email or CC to

For this to work, your data attachments must be small enough to make it through most email systems (typically less than 10 GB), the email address to send to, and the word "Case" and your case number must be in the subject line.

For example:

Method 2: Use the web upload form.

If the file(s) is/are less than 2GB you can send/upload this data through the following web form:

or more securely via (Note: you will be prompted by your browser to accept the self-signed security certificate)

For example:

Fill in your case number, choose "Security" for "Upload is for" and put in your email address:

And then drag and drop the file(s) to be uploaded and click the Upload button:

Method 3: FTP

This method is useful for files of any size (especially files over 2GB in size)

Use the following steps from your command line to FTP the files (replace TS######### with your case number.

1. ftp
2. User: anonymous
3. Password: <your e-mail address>
4. cd toibm
5. bin
6. put tivoli/
7. quit

Note: In order for the files to make it into your case on IBM's side. The files must begin with the case number. You can upload multiple files all named TS######### .zip and they will be renamed uniquely on our end so subsequent uploads will not overwrite existing uploads. However, to help us to distinguish which upload is for which data item requested you may want to name your files with the following naming convention: TS######### _<date>_<description>.zip. For example:

Note: You may find it easier to establish and maintain an FTP connection for transferring your data to the case using a GUI FTP application such as WinSCP, FileZilla, etc. instead of from the command line.

Method 4: IBM Secure Diagnostic Data Upload Utility (a Java utility)

IBM Secure Diagnostic Data Upload Utility

None of the previous methods work

If none of the previous methods work for you, please host your data on an FTP server or download site on your end and then notify the Support rep as to where and how the data can be accessed and downloaded.

Blue Diamond Customers

If you are a Blue Diamond customer, please follow the instructions for uploading your data found in your PMR.

Important Note: 6/14/2016

Please be advised that the certificate on our case upload server for secure uploads has changed.

Most of you who upload data to cases through the ECuRep via Secure FTP (FTPS) will be able to exchange these certificates by making a few mouse clicks when prompted.

Due to platform dependencies IBM System z (z/OS) you will need to replace hard code certificates in your systems to use secure ftp connections. zOS customers will require to replace the outdated certificate by a manual action to re-enable FTPS based data upload.

For problems using FTPS please go to the following website (
which contains the newly documented certificate

Look under the page section "Security protocol" where it states "When using MVS (OS/390, z/OS) FTP client, please be sure to obtain the CA ROOT Certificate from GeoTrust or view the certificate and installation instructions."

Note: Non-secure, standard FTP uploads to ECuRep are not affected by this exchange.

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