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ANR1820E Could not connect to DB & ANR0162W SQL30082N multi-instance server

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ANR1820E Could not connect to database manager and ANR0162W SQL30082N USERNAME PASSWORD INVALID errors on multi-instance machines.


The following errors occur when configuring multiple Tivoli Storage Manager server instances on a single machine:

ANR0171I dbiconn.c(1721): Error detected on 0:1, database in evaluation mode.

ANR0162W Supplemental database diagnostic information: -1:08001:-30082 ([IBM][CLI Driver] SQL30082N  Security processing failed with reason "24" ("USERNAME AND/OR PASSWORD INVALID"). SQLSTATE=08001).
ANR1820E The server could not connect to the database manager by using TCP/IP port 51500.

These errors can be witnessed during instance configuration or when starting additional Tivoli Storage Manager servers on a single host machine.


The default TCPPORT and TCPADMINPORT ports are 1500 for the Tivoli Storage Manager server. This port cannot be shared with multiple instances running on the same host machine. Each instance needs to be configured to use unique ports.

The Tivoli Storage Manager server uses the specified TCPPORT to create a unique port for the back-end database (DB2) to listen on, pre-pending a 5 to the TCPPORT supplied. For example, if the TCPPORT is set to the default of 1500, then DB2 will be started and told to listen on port 51500. This port is used for back-end communications between the server and the database.

If an administrator has mis-configured multiple instances to use the same TCPPORT, then the ANR0162W with SQL30082N error can be printed during server start.

The cause of this is that multiple instances are not authorized to share a single DB2 port.


All V6/V7 multi-instance Tivoli Storage Manager server environments.

Resolving the problem

Verify that the TCPPORT specified for each Tivoli Storage Manager instance on a single host is unique.

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