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ANR1890W root-only restriction message appears after a server upgrade

Technote (troubleshooting)


Client backup fails with ANS1708E and ANR1890W after server upgrade to or or higher. This happens even if node parameter "backupinitiation" is set to "all".


On client side. the error log (by default dsmerror.log) will report:

ANS1708E Backup operation failed. Only a root user can do this operation.
ANS0278S The transaction will be aborted.

Or it can be seen following:

txncon.cpp (4480): findAbortState: Unknown abort #245 from the server
ANS0350E The current client configuration does not comply with the value of the DATAWRITEPATH or DATAREADPATH server option for this node.

Or for a DB2 client:

SQL2033N An error occurred while accessing TSM during the processing of a database utility. TSM reason code: "245"."

On server side, the activity log will show:

ANR1890W Backup operation for session yy node XXXXX failed due to root-only restriction.


In server levels and and higher a new behavior has been introduced via APAR IT04884. The new option is "backupinitiationroot" and it is set to ON by default.


All servers at level or or higher.

Diagnosing the problem

If backup fails and the message ANR1890W is issued on server side, check if the server option "backupinitiationroot" is set to ON through the server command "query option".

Resolving the problem

Be sure to log in as root user for performing backup/archive, or revert to previous behavior by setting "backupinitiationroot" to OFF with server command "setopt backupinitiationroot off" .

The new behavior is documented in the "Security Bulletin" link below.

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Security Bulletin

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Modified date: 13 January 2015

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