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Script to completely remove (uninstall) SPSS Statistics (macOS)



I have uninstalled SPSS Statistics by dragging the application to the Trash. But I note that several preference files, extensions and custom dialogs remain. I would like to completely remove everything "SPSS Statistics."

Resolving The Problem

Attached is a shell script for cleaning up SPSS Statistics installs (versions 19.0 through Current). To completely remove your installed version of the SPSS Statistics software, do the following:

1. Drag the Statistics <Version> folder from its installed location to the Trash, then empty the Trash.
2. Save the attached shell script and unzip it to a temporary location ( e.g. ~/Downloads)
3. Open the (Finder -> Go -> Utilities -> Terminal)
4. Change the active directory to where you downloaded and extracted the shell script
$ cd ~/Downloads
5. Make sure the shell script has execute permission set:
$ chmod +x
6. Know what your user ID is by typing the 'whoami' command:
$ whoami

In the above example, the user ID is fred. Edit the shell script with the default 'nano' command-line text
editor. Do not use the GUI text editor as it will put unwanted characters in your shell script.

Alter the line CURRENT_USER= to:


7. Run the shell script:
$ sudo ./

8. Check for other leftovers with the 'mdfind' command. For example:
$ mdfind -name "spss" | sort > ~/Desktop/spss_leftovers.txt

Read the 'spss_leftovers.txt' file created above and manually remove ('rm -fr <path/filename>') any
other leftovers as you like.

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