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Deleting unwanted environments from RTCP

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How do you remove unused environments from IBM Rational Test Control Panel (RTCP)?


You have a number of environments in RTCP that are no longer being being used.
You can see no way to delete them.


Normally unused environments are automatically removed from RTCP.

To view them click Administration > Domains and environments > [domain name] > Environments.

If your environment has not been removed, try the following:

  1. Check the RTCP Agents page and ensure that you have no Agents explicitly registered for the environment you wish to delete.
    The default behaviour is "All".

  2. Check the RTCP Agents page for active routing rules for this environment.

    a) Click the Show Rules button.
    b) Delete the rules as appropriate.

  3. Delete any scenarios for this environment.

    a) Navigate to an environment and click the Scenario drop-down then Manage scenarious.
    b) Delete as applicable.

  4. Refresh the view to see the updated list of environments.

    a) Click refresh in the browser. This takes you back to the domain selection.
    b) Select the domain and click Environments.

    You should see that the environment has gone.
    If not see the following step.

  5. Publish stubs to this environment then delete the project.

    To remove the project click Administration > Domains and environments > [domain name] > Projects and

Future versions of RTCP are planned to improve the automatic removal of unused environments.

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