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Collecting Data: IBM Script Portlet for WebSphere Portal

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Collecting troubleshooting data for IBM Script Portlet issues with IBM® WebSphere® Portal expedites time to resolution by enabling IBM Support to provide informed problem analysis


If you have already contacted IBM Support and must collect data to determine the nature of a problem in WebSphere Portal, review the information below to collect the appropriate data. Otherwise, review Collecting Data: Read first for WebSphere Portal.

Manual collection of troubleshooting data

Use the following instructions for manually collecting the necessary information.

For all issues, please provide the following:

1) Please provide the versionInfo.log file from the <wp_profile_home>/PortalServer/log directory (NOTE: CF13+/8.5 CF5+ is required for Script Portlet v1.3).
2) Please provide the Script Portlet version the issue is occurring on.

For installation/upgrade issues, please also provide:

3) Please provide the ConfigTrace.log, SystemOut.log and SystemError.log. Please try to provide fresh set of logs and note timestamps specific to the recreate, as this helps us cross-reference the logs.

For browser issues, please also provide:

4) Please provide the vendor and version of the browser the issue is occurring on (NOTE: As of Script Portlet 1.2, IE is not supported for authoring (edit/import/export)).
5) Is issue specific to single browser or cross-browser?
6) Set 'isDebug=true' in the Script Portlet Presentation Template (search for 'isDebug' and modify to true)
6.1) Go to Applications > Content > Web Content Management
6.2) You will see the library explorer.
6.3) If you don't see "Script Portlet Library" listed, then expand the Preferences section and click Edit Shared Settings

6.4) Under library selection, add the "Script Portlet Library" to the Selected Libraries, click OK

6.5) Select Script Portlet > Presentation Templates.
6.6) You should see the script portlet presentation template
6.7) Edit the template and make the setting for isDebug=true

7) Reproduce issue with 'isDebug=true' and provide screenshots of browser console (usually opened using F12) if any errors present.

For command line push issues, please also provide:

8) Please provide which OS, version and cmd shell being used.
9) Please provide which Java vendor and version being used (NOTE: 1.6+ required).
10) Please provide the output of the command execution and the generated sp.cmd.log file.

For issues involving the server including import/export, please also provide:

11) Please provide the SystemOut.log and SystemError.log. Please try to provide fresh set of logs and note timestamps specific to the recreate, as this helps us cross-reference the logs.
12) Please provide the WEF logs from the installedApps/<cell>/scriptportlet.ear/import-export.war/WEB-INF/logs/ directory.
13) Please provide a simplified application that can be used to recreate the issue (without external dependencies, confidential information, etc).

For issues involving accessing the IBM Script Portlet, please confirm:

14) Is the portlet properly installed under <wp_profile>/installedApps/<cell>/scriptportlet.ear?
15) Does the "Script Portlet" library exist in WCM? (NOTE: If missing from Virtual Portal, please export the library from main portal and import into virtual portal)
16) Does the user have the necessary security roles per Script Portlet documentation and are the WCM "Script Portlet Library" and "Portal Site" visible and modifiable for this user account?

Collecting and submitting logs and configuration data
Send the files to IBM Support by using the instructions outlined in Exchanging information with IBM Technical Support for problem determination.
Note: When sending in logs for review, include any relevant screenshots, timestamps, userIds, etc. in order to expedite analysis of the issue.

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