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"Internal network error, session aborted, connection closed" error when connecting to source

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When trying to import data housed in into SPSS Statistics Client, the following error is displayed:

SQLDriverConnect failed: [IBM SPSS][ODBC SPSS ODBC Client driver][SPSS ODBC Client] Internal network error, session aborted, connection closed


Unable to connect to to retrieve existing data into SPSS Statistics Client.


Configuration of the ODBC DSN was incorrect.


Windows 7 64-bit Operating System
SPSS_DataAcessPack_Salesforce_Client_win64 6.0 installed
SPSS_DataAcessPack_Salesforce_Server_win 6.0 installed

Diagnosing the problem

If SPSS Statistics Client is installed as a 64-bit version and ODBC driver 6.0 is being used, ensure that the Client AND Server version of the driver is installed.

In the ODBC DSN administration tool of Windows, click on the ellipses button for the field 'Server Data Source' and the same error message is displayed.

This rules out SPSS Statistics as the root cause and the underlying problem is with the current configuration of the ODBC DSN definition.

Resolving the problem

Ensure the field "Salesforce Service Host" contains the machine housing the Salesforce Server service. This service can be installed on the same machine housing the Salesforce Client driver (which also houses SPSS Statistics Client) or on a separate machine.

If SPSS Statistics Client, Salesforce Client and Salesforce Server installations are present on the same machine, you can use the value of 'localhost' in the "Salesforce Server Host" field.

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