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Known Limitations in IBM Endpoint Manager V9.2.0



Known Limitations in IBM Endpoint Manager V9.2.0


These are the known limitations of IBM Endpoint Manager V9.2.0 and the related workaround when available.

  • Description: On non-Windows systems, if you delete a client setting containing an obfuscated password, the setting is removed from the client configuration file, but the obfuscated password is not deleted from the associated OBF file (issue: 64607).
    Workaround: To remove a password and to avoid keeping its obfuscated value, you can either manually delete the value in the OBF file or you can remove it by using a Fixlet.
  • Description: On Solaris clients, the manual key exchange might fail with a "Terminated" message in the command shell. The failure occurs if either the BESClient service is configured to start by running svcadm or the BESClient service is configured to start on boot using the smf mechanism (issue: 65147).
  • Description: On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 the client user interface cannot start if qt3 and libXaw packages are missing.
    Library libXaw is optional and the agent installer does not check if this library is installed (issues: 64200 and 63343).
    Workaround: Install libXaw either manually or using a custom Fixlet created on purpose.
  • Description: The client user interface cannot start on Pentium 3 systems (issue 65134).

  • Description: When you set the proxy password for the relay by using a client setting, you must restart the relay to process the new password (issue: 64978)
    Workaround: Ensure that you restart the relay when you set its proxy password by using a client setting.
  • Description: The IBM Endpoint Manager server and relays cannot discover the proxy configuration using the Web Proxy Auto-Discovery (WPAD) protocol, know as autoproxy (issue: 65221).
    Workaround: Ensure that you configure manually on the server and on the relays the communication with the proxy by specifying the hostname and the port number of the proxy machine.
  • Description: After upgrading IBM Endpoint Manager to V9.2.0, the user roles are no longer authorized to shutdown computers. Upgraded users instead keep this authorization and are authorized to shutdown computers even if their roles do not allow it (issue: 65101).
    Workaround: Review the roles to assign the shutdown privilege.
  • Description: The server audit log might contain extraneous entries. When a computer is added to a role, the audit log enumerates all associated operators as if they have been newly added.
    In some specific cases the audit log might contain entries like "Changed privileges for the operator are:" without any text after the colon (issue: 64315).
  • Description: The addition of operators or LDAP groups to a role is logged in the audit log, their removal is not logged (issue: 64318).

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