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Patterns for IBM Operational Decision Manager in Big Data streams

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How do I leverage IBM Operational Decision Manager and Big Data streams to realize smarter processes and solutions?


With the advent of mobile, cloud and big data processing, businesses need to respond quickly to emerging risks and opportunities as part of a smarter decision-making process.
This article looks at patterns that allow Operational Decision Management decisions to be integrated into Big Data streams processing to improve the business insights and situational awareness used to produce actionable responses in business solutions.

A retail scenario illustrates how IBM Operational Decision Manager can be integrated into InfoSphere streams to help analyse customer book buying behaviour and thus improve the chance of a successful order.

Recommended practices are described so that solution architects and integrators understand how these products can be used together. While the article describes many of the key installation, configuration and development tasks for a solution, administrators, analysts and rule developers should refer to the appropriate product documentation.


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Modified date: 04 December 2014

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