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Q&A about IBM Notes Traveler support for Apple iOS 8.x



This technote contains important IBM Notes Traveler support information for Apple iOS 8.x device users.


Q1. Is support for Apple iOS 8.x devices planned for day one for Notes Traveler?
Yes. Basic functionality will work day one with Notes Traveler 8.5.3 UP2 and later releases. There are a few iOS 8.x specific fixes now available starting with the following Notes Traveler releases: 8.5.3 UP2 IF7, IF7 and 9.0.1 IF6.

  • Fix List
    Fix introduced in release
    LO81825 Recognition of Apple iOS 8 user agents. 8.5.3 UP2 IF7, IF6, 9.0.1 IF5
    LO81719 Support Out of Office departure and return dates with Apple iOS 8 devices. IF7, 9.0.1 IF6
    LO81842 Support registering Traveler Companion and To Do applications on iOS 8 devices. 8.5.3 UP2 IF7, IF7, 9.0.1 IF6
    LO81909 Accept unprocessed reschedule on iOS 8 device may result in duplicate entry on device calendar. IF7, 9.0.1 IF6
    LO81910 Delete instance of repeating event from iOS 8 device and recipients may receive multiple update notices. IF7, 9.0.1 IF6
    LO81913 Traveler Companion and To Do applications may not be able to utilize full capabilities on iOS 8.x device. 8.5.3 UP2 IF7, IF7, 9.0.1 IF6

Q2. Is support for iOS 8.x devices planned on day one for SmartCloud Notes Traveler?
Yes. The SmartCloud Notes Traveler environment will support iOS 8.x devices as soon as they become available.

Q3. Will Notes Traveler Companion & To Do applications support iOS 8.x?
Yes, Apple iOS 8.x devices are supported with Notes Traveler Companion 9.0.8 and To Do 9.0.8 and later applications. Applications prior to level 9.0.8 are not supported with iOS 8.x devices.

Q4. What Notes Traveler functionality will be supported on devices running iOS 8.x?
Functionality and features comparable with those in previously supported releases. New features added in iOS 8.x will not immediately be supported with Notes Traveler; however, support for new features may be introduced over time. This technote will be updated to reflect any new feature limitations or statements of support.

Q5. Should I upgrade my Notes Traveler servers in preparation for iOS 8.x devices?
Yes, IBM support recommends upgrading to 8.5.3 UP2 IF7, IF7 or 9.0.1 IF6 or later releases in preparation for iOS 8.x devices. For more information on these releases, see the Index of Recommended Maintenance.

Q6. Is the beta version of iOS 8.x s upported with Notes Traveler or SmartCloud Notes Traveler ?
No, iOS beta versions are not supported with Notes Traveler or SmartCloud Notes Traveler. Should you report a problem with Notes Traveler on a beta iOS release, you will be asked to upgrade to the official release when it becomes available to verify whether the problem exists in the supported version.

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