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Fix list for IBM Connections 5.0 CR1

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This document lists the fixes included in IBM Connections 5.0 CR1 cumulative refresh


Cumulative Refreshes (CRs) consists of a set of cumulative fixes for each of IBM Connections applications. For additional information on CRs, including instructions on how to download and install, please review the Update strategy for IBM Connections 5.0 document. CR1 includes all fixes in LO80688 and LO80990 and can be applied on environments that have those fixes already applied. The CCM (Connections Content Management) package should only be installed on Connections environments which have Content Management configured.

Fix Central download link for the 5.0 CR1 package (

The fixes included in IBM Connections 5.0 CR1 are listed in this table:

APAR# Component Problem Description
LO80688 Activities Fixed the problem where a user is mentioned in a comment on an Activity Entry or To Do item from a Community or Activity they follow, they see 2 events in their Activity Stream I'm Following view, one for the comment and one for the mention. The mention event would display the comment incorrectly.
LO80688 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Improvement to New ideas in Ideation Blogs
LO80688 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected the problem where HTML was displaying in the Bookmark description when the rich text editor is enabled
LO80688 Communities Fixed the problem where on Community overview page the title of the Library widget would be missing in edit or view mode of
LO80688 Connections Mail Fixed the problem where the Globalization preferences in Connections were not passed to Connections Mail gadget
LO80688 Connections Mail Improvement to the Connections mail widget
LO80688 Core Corrected the problem where multiple exceptions would be generated in the News logs
LO80688 Core Fixed the problem where typeahead was not appearing when mentioning a user in the EE until their full display name is typed.
LO80688 Files Fixed the problem where the header wasn't displayed when a file is shared with a visitor in Homepage and no warning message was generated when adding a comment
LO80688 Files Cleaned up FileSync error messages that were being written to the Files logs on SQLServer
LO80688 Files Corrected the problem where the focus should stay on the Follow/Stop Following button in a folder when it's clicked on it
LO80688 Files Fixed the problem where a file was not listed in "Insert link to Files" in the Community tab
LO80688 Files Fixed the problem where a visitor can not see the folder list after click on the folder view
LO80688 Files Fixed a problem in the Folder view for sharing a folder for a Visitor [IE8]
LO80688 Files Fixed the problem where the embedded experience was not displaying file comments in Mentions and My Notifications views [IE 8]
LO80688 Forums Improvements to Forums and Forum Topics
LO80688 Forums Cleaned up database exceptions in the systemOut log when responding to an email and adding an attachment.
LO80688 Homepage Improvements to Homepage and News
LO80688 Homepage Corrected the problem where some users were not seeing the content in notifications for all categories in the Activity Stream.
LO80688 Homepage Fixed the notifications exceptions when editing a Forum topic to add an @mention
LO80688 News Addressed OutOfMemoryError messages in log files when parsing HTML
LO80688 News Fixed the problem where comments in a Blog have the template placeholder {blogEntryComment} in the output.
LO80688 Search Fixed error in Global Search
LO80688 Wikis Fixed the problem where the quick link in the ckeditor was not working with IE8
LO80688 Wikis Fixed a problem in a private Community when a nonmember was added and JAWs was not reading the warning message.
LO80688 @Mention Various improvements and fixes for @Mentions
LO80688 @Mention Improvements with accessibility compliance for @Mentions and sharebox
LO80688 @Mention Fixed a problem with removing a private community name when using @mentions for a non-member
LO80688 @Mention Fixed the problem where JAWS was not reading the messages for the following @mentions actions - completed/canceled/removed in the CK Editor across all components
LO80688 @Mention Fixed the problem where News Notifications generated by @mentions did not have a EE mime type for mentions on - files, blogs, microblog, forum
LO80688 @Mention Fixed the problem where Files & Wiki notification included HTML tags for a comment that includes @mention
LO80990 @Mention Various improvements and fixes for @Mentions
LO80990 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fix for references made in the third person when an owner of a blog makes an update
LO80990 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fix for an issue when reporting an idea or blog entry as inappropriate and no email is sent to the moderator
LO80990 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected the Search crawler endlessly looping on Blogs
LO80990 Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected the problem where a Blog entry could not be posted from a Mobile app
LO80990 Custom Library/
ECM Integration/
Filenet CCM
Fix for a problem when uploading a new version of a file or a file with an existing name [IE 11]
LO80990 CCM Portlet Corrected the problem where the CCM portlet was not loading when using TAM and Spengo
LO80990 CCM Portlet Fix for a page loaded in portlets not rendering correctly
LO80990 CCM Portlet Fix for the Status Update Delete dialog not having the correct styles applied
LO80990 CCM Portlet Corrected the problem with ActivityStream error messages being displayed on portlet when loading status updates with inline comments
LO80990 CCM Portlet Fix a problem in the Library portlet for the move/copy to folder commands resulting in an error
LO80990 CCM Portlet Fixed the problem where the Library and Activity Stream portlets on Portal would intermittently fail to load
LO80990 CCM Portlet Corrected the problem where the ActivityStream portlet on Portal were not responding to mouse events for @mentions type ahead
LO80990 Communities Improvements to the Communities database migration
LO80990 Communities Performance optimization for Communities
LO80990 Communities Corrected the problem where a Tag search of a Library widget is blank with the initial search
LO80990 Communities Fixed an issue where Wikis were appearing as null on the Community overview page
LO80990 Communities Fixed the member count for a Community
LO80990 Common Performance improvement for awareness
LO80990 Common Fixed JavaScript Errors on the Communities Search page [IE8]
LO80990 Common Correct the failure to customize the logo in Connections
LO80990 Core Fix a problem with opening a standalone ActivityStream gadget or launching the Embedded Experience dialog
LO80990 Core Fixed an authentication failure when viewing updates in the embedded experience in the "I'm Following" view
LO80990 Files Fixed the problem where links to "view file details" in the Gallery widget preview dialog may take the user to the wrong page.
LO80990 Files Corrected the error when going through the typeahead for Tags using the Down arrow key for Chrome34/IE11/Safari7
LO80990 Files Improvements to uploading a File
LO80990 Files Fixed the problem in the SqlServer backend when removing an @mention while editing a comment
LO80990 Files Fixed the error "we are unable to process your request" when selecting the option to "share with everyone" for a File
LO80990 Files Fix for @mention in a File comment email notification not rendering correctly
LO80990 Files Fixed the location for the @mentions type ahead in the File comment box [IE 8]
LO80990 Files Corrected the problem where the Files widget would display the language set by the browser not in the language set in the Community UI
LO80990 Forums Changes to Impersonation to update the latest post column in the topic list
LO80990 Forums Corrected duplicate results when searching in Forums and Forum topics
LO80990 Forums Fix to display a warning message when a non-member is mentioned in a private community [IE8]
LO80990 Forums Fix for improper rendering of a @mention in a public forum
LO80990 Forums Corrected the behavior for Forums notifications appearing when a user comments/likes on their own topic / reply
LO80990 Homepage Fix for status updates from networked users that are not being followed appearing in the "I'm Following" view
LO80990 Homepage Corrected the warning messages that were generated for DB2 migrated config Stylesheets during startup
LO80990 Homepage Corrected the problem for Activities on the Homepage that would not display the non-gregorian calendar after updating the globalization settings
LO80990 Homepage Corrected the problem where unicode characters within hashtags do not render correctly to create a link in email notifications
LO80990 Install Optimizations for loading gadgets
LO80990 News Fix for invalid thumbnails url returned when images are relative
LO80990 Profiles Fixed the problem where a Visitor was unable to view tags on their Profile from Internal users
LO80990 Wikis Fixed the problem with the Wiki navigation tree expanding when resized [Safari]
LO80990 Wikis Fix for a java script errors in the browser console when clicking on "Go to page" in the index view
LO80990 Wikis Corrected the problem where there was no response when the enter key was pressed for a nonexistent page name in the "Go To Page" field
Activities Fix for removing an image from the attachment list but the pasted image was not removed
Activities Performance enhancements for searching in Activities
Activities Fixed the problem when replacing a pasted image attachment with a new image where the old image was not replaced
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected syntax for "Sort by date"
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Fix for the "Contribute an Idea" button which was not displayed on Ideation blog full view page after data migration
Blogs & Bookmarks & Calendar Corrected terminology in Blogs from "Visits" to "Views"
Custom Library/
ECM Integration/
Filenet CCM
Fix for disabling Libraries in external communities
Common Improvements in the default behavior of opening and closing Search Facets
Common Fixed the problem when attempting to download a file from a link to file in Forums topic [IE8]
Common Corrected truncation in the Share Box community picker drop-down
Common Changes for visitor's file sharing access (Private / People or Communities)
Common Changes to format the file and user name when hovering over a picture
Common Improved UI elements in the Library folders
Common Changes to better display thumbnails for folders
Common Improvements to reduce erroneous warning in log files
Common Fix to display the IBM Doc icon in the Files grid view
Common Corrected missing icons in Colored Themes
Common Corrected the problem where the Jazz aggregator doesn't tolerate spaces in define() statement
Common Fix to provide a complete list of Communities when the "More Choices" link is selected for an Activity
Common Updated the Moderation icon for the default theme
LO81576 Common Fix to add customization bundles in a customer environment
Common Fixed a problem in a multinode clustered environment where the copy of the LotusConnections-config.xml could be out of sync with respect to the value of version stamp
Common Fixed a selection failure when clicking on a user in the typeahead does not complete the mention
Common Grammatical corrections for Toolbar text
Common Fixed the problem when accented / DBCS chars in Wiki page URL get corrupted when going thru the SAML login process
Communities Changes to display the Help icon for moderation next to the moderation label
Communities Optimizations for the Communities search index
Communities Changes to correct seedlist warning for communities in logs
Communities Performance improvements for Communities with no bookmarks or feeds
Communities JavaScript optimizations in Communities to improve performance
Communities Corrected the problem where people typeahead within Communities may not match some names
Communities Fix for viewing communities by person returning all public communities if the user requested does not belong to any community
Communities Fix for posting a message with a file added to a moderated community, refreshing view results in a second file entry being displayed
LO80688 Files Changes so a member of a private community can not be mentioned in the EE unless they first follow the community
Files Correct an issue with settings returning to their default state under certain circumstances when sharing a file
Files Changes to identify which files and folders are not public after removing public sharing
Files Fixed the problem where the "Allow community members to edit the selected files..." check box for shared files would incorrectly be displayed
Files Fix for soft delete in a Community generating errors in logs
Files Corrected a deadlock with Files on MSSQLServer
Files Improvement to Filesync \ Fast Download to better optimize a large number of subscriptions
Files Enhancement to provide a link to the profile for @mentions the comment feed for Files and Wikis
Files Fixed for two emails notifications sent when adding a File to a folder when only one should be sent
Files Fixed the username and content formatting when a visitor adds a file from the File widget
LO80640 Homepage Changes to preview bitmap images attached to a status update in Profiles
Homepage Various improvements and enhancements for Homepage and News
Homepage Changes to provide Multi-tenancy support for Homepage metrics
Homepage Fixed the problem where certain file types would not download by selecting the link in a status message
Homepage Performance optimizations for Homepage
Mobile Mobile Configuration Migration enabled for Custom Nav Drawers Support
News Changes to handled an @mention with an invalid user in a comment
News Fix for when the Draft reviewer would not get a notification if mentioned in a Submit for Review/Approve/Reject
News Fix for @mentions to render correctly in the Activity Stream
News Optimizations for caching performance with Person table
News Corrected the syntax when a user is mentioned in a comment for a file
News Fixed the problem when a Visitor's profile is tagged by an Internal user then the recent updates view of the embedded experience activity entry would respond with an error.
News Corrected a database query in News that may cause memory issues
News Fix for the "Like" comment on a Blog Entry not displaying correctly in Discover View.
News Fixed the continuous loading of the Update Page for Hompage under certain circumstances
News Fixed the problem when posting a link to video content would adversely affect the ActivityStream
News Fixed the problem where the oembed component of IBM Connections 5.0 is not authenticating against the via a SPNEGO enabled HTTP proxy
News Corrected message that is posted when a user creates a Forum Topic
Profiles Corrected the error when sharing a file on a users profile with on a secure site
Search Changes for SearchService.updateResumeTokens not updating index_people_finder
Search Implemented consistent messages for indexing difficulties when searching various scopes
Search Fixed a redirection issue to display the SAML login screen for Search
Search Added the capability to index the contents of EML files in order to better support Quickr for Domino migration. The following setting needs to be added to the Search-config.xml file
<mimeType name="message/rfc822" processor="" />

New content will be indexed properly after enabling the option to index the contents of EML files, but to fix the old content which was already index, a full index rebuild is required. To enable, stop the application server, add the following property to search-config.xml file, and restart the server:
LO81955 Search Fixed an encoding issue which occurred when Search indexes stored Thai content in a file from Files or an attachment from Activities/Wikis, this would cause the Thai content to be not searchable.
Search Corrected a problem where inactivating an person is not reflected in the People Finder. New content will work as expect when the fix is applied but to fix the old content which as already been indexed, either of the following will need to be done: 1. Update the person's profile (example: tag the profile) to make the next round of incremental index which includes the change of the person and make the index correct, or rebuild the index for People Finder component. To rebuild the People Finder index, please review the topic "Reindexing a component in an existing index" under Creating Search indexes for additional details.
Search Fix a problem when no warning message would be displayed when a Visitor is mentioned in a Status Update or Comment
Search Corrected duplicated search results for Bookmarks after an Activity was changed from public to private
Wikis Corrected the warning when attempting to mention a visitor in a community
@Mention Corrected the keyboard navigation (Up Arrow Key) for @Mention
@Mention Fixed a problem when using copy/paste commands for a username in a mention
@Mention Corrected the behavior of the "@" being disabled when the backspace key is used in @mentions
@Mention Fixed issues where mentions would incorrectly display Chinese names in Status Updates/Comments/EE [IE9, IE10]
@Mention Improvements in linked libraries to support @mentions on input and output, and display them as links
@Mention Fix for editing a mentions when focus goes from outside the input box back to the input box [IE8]
@Mention Corrected the inconsistent behavior of type ahead in the CKEditor for @mention
@Mention Corrected the behavior of @Mentions when the right arrow key is used
@Mention Improved consistency for adding a mentions in the CKEditor
@Mention Corrected the highlights for @Mentions for the right and left arrow keys
@Mention Fix for the scroll bar in the typeahead of the reply to topic in the EE [IE8]
@Mention Fixes for inconsistencies in @mention format
@Mention Corrected the cursor actions with @Mentions for Italian and German
@Mention Fix for using the backspace key with @Mentions
@Mention Changes for warning a user when posting a private file to an external community
@Mention Fix for @Mentions saved a text in a comment in EE
@Mention Fix for when a user lists popup covers the input box when using @mention in the EE
@Mention Fix for the content of comments tab shown in every tab [IE8]
@Mention Corrected the problem where a period was unable to be entered for @mentions [Chrome / IE}
@Mention Corrected the focus problem when editing a comment after @mention [IE9-11]
@Mention Fix for opening a File comment with an @mention
@Mention Improvements in highlighting a mention when dragging mouse from the end of the mention
@Mentions Fix for the Daily and Weekly Digest notifications, the "View All" link beside Mentions category is redirecting to I'm Following/all instead of the Mentions view

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