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Error 5633 Command name : Export when saving file as .POR

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I am using IBM SPSS Statistics. I am trying to save my .sav file as a .por file. However when I try and perform the save I get the following error message:

Error # 5633. Command Name : Export

The EXPORT command is not supported in Unicode mode.

Execution of this command stops.

How can I correct this?


error 5633


SPSS is set in Unicode mode

Resolving the problem

Unicode is a language setting in SPSS. Unicode and SPSS portable files do not go well together, so that is why you are seeing this message when trying to save it.

Launch SPSS through the menu. Do not click on a file to open it as SPSS needs to have a blank data editor to perform this action. Now that you have a blank SPSS Data editor in front of you, click edit->options. Click the Language tab, and under Character encoding for data and syntax, select the radio button for Locale's writing system. It will default to en_US. Click Apply and OK. Now open your .sav file and save as a .por file.

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