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Service Tailoring Project Wizard Not Exporting CSV Files on Oracle database

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When a Service Tailoring Project is exported in MDM Workbench, the CSV files do not appear in the specified location. No error is thrown and the export appears to have been successful.


If InfoSphere MDM version 11.0 is used with Oracle database, it is not possible to export the Service Tailoring Project using default settings.


The service tailoring project's export wizard requires an Oracle JDBC 4.1 driver ojdbc7.jar.

Diagnosing the problem

Check the current driver properties for the default database connection.

To do this, open the "Data Source Explorer" view, and right-click the active database and select "properties." Go to the "Driver Properties" tab and click the "Edit Driver Definition" button (an icon with a triangle). If the "JAR List" tab lists a JAR file other than ojdbc7.jar, follow the provided steps to resolve this issue.

Resolving the problem

To get the export wizard to successfully complete and generate the CSV files, follow these steps to change your database driver properties:

Create a new database connection in Data Source Explorer → Database Connections:
1. Right-click “Database Connections” and click “New”.
2. Select "Oracle".
3. Ensure selected JDBC driver is "Oracle 11 - Oracle Thin Driver Default".
4. Click the "Edit JAR list" button and browse for ojdbc7.jar. You can download the jar from the Oracle web site or use the driver which is shipped with the Oracle12c database software.
5. Fill out all the other connection properties.
6. Export the tailoring project using the new database connection

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