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How to configure HTTPS recording performance test

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How do you configure Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) for SSL and TLS recording through the new IBM Performance Tester (RPT) recorder certificate?


RPT 8.6 and newer provides a new approach to handling SSL certificates. The tool uses a Trusted Root Certification Authority to improve the recording of tests HTTPS sites.
This certificate replaces the older IBM Rational Toulouse Laboratory certificate.


Configure the browser to record HTTPS tests before you do an HTTP recording.

Note: If your browser has the older IBM Rational Toulouse Laboratory certificate installed, you do not need to remove that certificate.

Copy the certificate

1. Do a new HTTP test from recording.

2. Click the save link in the "To ease HTTPS recording, save the recorder root certificate authority and add it to the trusted authorities." in the following dialog box.

3. Save the file to a convenient directory, such as "C:\temp". The file name is IBMRptRootCA.cer:

Directory of C:\temp4

08/07/2014 12:39 PM <DIR>
08/07/2014 12:39 PM <DIR>
08/07/2014 12:39 PM 1,428 IbmRptRootCA.cer

4. Close the browser.

Configure Internet Explorer

  1. Navigate to the IBMRptRootCA.cer file through the Windows Explorer.

  2. Double-click the file name. You see the Certificate dialog.

  3. Click Install Certificate. You see the Certificate Import Wizard.

  4. Choose Local Machine for Store Location; then, click Next.

  5. Select the Trusted Root Certification Authorities for the store.

  6. Complete the certificate import process; then, close the Wizard.

Configure Firefox

  1. Start Firefox.

  2. Click menu option Tools > Options.

  3. Click the Advanced tab, then click Encryption, then click View Certificates.

  4. Click the Authorities tab; then, click Import... .

  5. Navigate to the IbmRptRootCA.cer file.

  6. Select all the choices in the Download Certificate dialog.

  7. Verify that the certificate has been loaded and click OK.

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Software version: 8.6

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Modified date: 06 October 2015