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MustGather for Deployment Problems on IBM PureApplication System

Technote (troubleshooting)


MustGather documents aid in problem determination and save time resolving service requests. These documents contain a list of the documentation you should gather so IBM PureApplication System Support can diagnose your specific problem. These documents might also include diagnostic tips that will aid in diagnosing and solving problems.



Read this for deployment problems with a IBM PureApplication System.

Diagnosing the problem

STEP 1: Check these known problems first

Before gathering problem determination information, review this information.

Symptom Troubleshooting steps
Insufficient Resource messages For deployments to be successful, sufficient CPU, memory, storage, IP addresses, and licenses are needed.
  • Check that the deployment is for the proper environment (environment profile).
  • Add capacity to the resource.
  • Increase environment profile limits.
  • Store or delete other pattern instances which releases the reservation of the resources.
Errors in scripts Use the log viewer and review the "remote_std_out.log" and "remote_std_err.log". Check mount points, authentication, mis-spelllings of commands and parameters, as well as sequencing and dependencies.
Security issues Check: /etc/ssh/sshd_config for PermitRootLogin=without-password, specify credentials as appropriate for authority to execute.
The Release Notes document various known issues.
The PureApplication System Support Portal has links to documents to help you find answers to known problems. From, enter PureApplication System in the Product Lookup field.

Resolving the problem

STEP 2: If not resolved, gather this information for IBM Support

Step 1. Open a word processing document

Use the template in the organize your problem information technote.

Paste the template into the document.

Fill out the template.

Step 2. Add to the word processing document this template:

Important: To expedite problem resolution provide as much detail on the problem as you can. The following information is key to finding the problem in the trace files and logs and expediting problem resolution:

  1. Date and Time that the problem occurred and time zone.
  2. Name and type of the deployed application, system, or shared service
  3. Deployment ID
  4. Description of symptoms for example: Wait, Hang, or other unexpected results
  5. Error message received
  6. Copy the history section from the browser as text into the word processing document
  7. Time zone of the time stamps shown in the messages and screen captures
  8. List if this same pattern deployed successfully before or number of previous failures or working scenarios
  9. List any other issues or problems occurring at the same time

Step 3. Paste Screen captures of the deployment pages and steps to recreate.

Expand all section of the PureApplication System page and paste complete screens images into the word processing document.

All the information on the screen is important including the URL and the fix pack version at the bottom of the page.

Step 4. Download the collection sets:

Follow these steps to download these files to start troubleshooting.

  1. Before uploading trace files to IBM, ensure that the time period covered in the trace files matches the time period of the deployment problem. Depending on the trace level settings and system activity, trace logs can wrap every couple of hours. If the trace logs have wrapped so the critical time period is not available, try to recreate the problem and re-capture the trace logs.
  2. Access the troubleshooting page.
    • In V2.1 System > Workload Troubleshooting
    • Prior to V2.1 Web Console and click on: Workload Console > System > Troubleshooting
  3. Click Download Log Files.
  4. Save the downloaded file to send to IBM support.
  5. Select: System Console > System > Troubleshooting.
  6. Click Collect System Logs.
    • In V2.1 choose: PureSystems Manager
    • In V2 and prior choose: Management

Step 5. Check for Virtual Machine logs and download these logs:

Deployment progresses through several steps or stages before completion. If the deployment has reached stage 6 (starting virtual machines), then the individual VM deployment info/logs may be available and useful for further troubleshooting. These should be collected. The following information will lead us to the next debug steps.

In the Workload Console, navigate to the Instance of your virtual system or virtual application.
  1. IMPORTANT: Expand all sections. Save a screen capture of ALL the sections and subsections on this web page. Paste the screen capture in the word processing document. The URL is also important. This may take several copy and paste steps. We need the URL and all sections expanded to obtain key information to expedite problem resolution.
  2. Select Workload Console > Instances -> Virtual Systems. Select instance which is reporting the problem.
  3. Look at the expanded Virtual Machine section and the expanded sub-sections. Near the bottom, look for the "Must Gather Logs" section.
    1. Under General Information, Logging, select Click to open. Use the Download All option in the upper left corner of this web page.
    2. If the time stamp of the Must Gather Logs is the time of a recent startup (after the startup completed), then the log cloudburst_collect_*.tar file on the right has all the log data. You can download this file.
    3. If the time stamp is before a complete startup, then click Execute Now to generate a new set of logs. Download and save all the cloudburst*.* and remote_std*.* logs files shown.
    4. If there is NO cloudburst_collection_*.tar file available for download, and this a Microsoft operating system, manually connect to the VM and do the following:
      1. Download a zip of this directory: c:\windows\setup\ibm
      2. Go to Windows Events viewer and select "Save all events as..", then upload the results .evtx files.

Step 6. Upload all the files to IBM Support.

STEP 3: Contacting IBM Support and sending in your information

Use the following technotes to contact IBM Support and send in the MustGather information:

Document information

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Modified date: 02 June 2015