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How to use RiCGEN_PORT_I and OUT_PORT macro in Rhapsody C

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How do you use RiCGEN_PORT_I and OUT_PORT macro to call operations and events on the other side of interface via ports?


In Rhapsody C, if a primitive operation is added to a port that has events passed through it, you may come across "outbound is not a member" error reported on event code generation. In such case, you need to use RiCGEN_PORT_I instead of RiCGEN_PORT macro. Furthermore, use of RiCGEN_PORT_I and OUT_PORT macro is not clear to new users.


In the example below, Block1 uses the code below (*1) in order to call ev() and primitiveOp1() provided by Block2 through the link Port-Port1:


RiCGEN_PORT_I(Block1,Port,IBlock1, ev());

For non-rapid ports, you must use the macro RiCGEN_PORT_I macro (not RiCGEN_PORT) in order to generate events on the other side of the interface.


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