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How to relay an event to multiple ports inside a composite class in Rhapsody C++ and C

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How do you relay an event generated by MULTICAS_GEN macro to more than one port located inside an composite class?


This is a known limitation.
Multicasting through regular ports are supported only in direct 1 hop.
In case of the image at right, multicasted events originated from portA can only be received by 1 port (either portC or portD).



You can implement a delegator class that forwards any incoming events to inner ports. See the image below.

For details, refer the attached model built using v8.1. In this model, please notice below points.

  1. Property '<Lang>::Port::SupportMulticast' of 'portE2' is set to 'Always'.

  2. In statechart of delegator class (itsE), MULTICAST_GEN (for C++) and RiC_MULTICAST_GEN_PORT (for C) macro is used to multicast events, instead of having them called from itsA.


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