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Troubleshooting Domino JVM installer issues

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Detailed below are steps that can be followed to troubleshoot issues with the Domino JVM installer.

Resolving the problem

Issue #1 - Installation ends with the error: "Patch failed with exit code -1"

Most commonly this error means that an invalid JVM level is identified when a JVM patch is being applied. For example, if a JVM patch is meant to upgrade from SR 14 to SR 15, this error will be prompted if the JVM is not SR 14 (i.e. the expected version is not matched). Therefore, make sure a matched JVM version is provided before a JVM Patch is launched. Details about the cause of the failure can be found in <Notes/Domino program directory>\jvmpatcher.log.

This issue can also occur if both the Domino Server and Notes Client are installed on the same machine. This is not a supported configuration and either the Domino server or the Notes client will need to be removed in order for the other installation to be updated.

Issue #2 - JVM reverts back to an unpatched version after you remove a Fix Pack from a Notes or Domino installation.

This is expected behavior as the Notes/Domino Fix Pack will uninstall everything it has installed. There is no way to selectively uninstall "everything but the jvm."

If a Fix Pack is installed after a JVM Patch, then uninstall the Fix Pack, it will uninstall everything the Fix Pack has installed (including the JVM). As a result, the JVM version will be restored to Notes/Domino's previous JVM version.
    For example,
    a) Install  9.0.1 GA (JVM Version=sr14) to a Domino  server
    b) Patch the JVM to  9.0.1 (JVM Version=sr15fp1)
    c) Install Fix Pack 1 to 9.0.1  giving us 9.0.1 Fix Pack 1 (JVM Version=sr15fp1)
    d) Revert back to 9.0.1 GA by uninstalling 9.0.1 Fix Pack 1, and the JVM version will return to SR 14 (the version in 9.0.1 GA).

To resolve this issue, after un installing the Fix Pack, you must re-install he JVM patch.

Issue #3 - Installation ends with the error: "The JVM Patch failed to apply successfully because the JVM directory was in use. Please close all programs and try again." or

There are two primary causes for this issue:
  • Specifically in Windows OS, a premature launch of Notes/Domino may cause the JVM upgrade process to fail because some background actions are still ongoing. This could be case even after you click "Done" in JVM patch installation GUI windows. To resolve, you must wait until a notification window, titled IBM JVM Patch, is presented after the JVM upgrade completes before you launch Notes/Domino.
  • The JVM directory in Notes/Domino will be modified during the install; therefore, ensure that when starting the install, no command line window or file navigator is open to <Notes/Domino program directory>\jvm or its subdirectories.

The "Instructions for determining locking processes" listed in the following section can use used to help determine the locking process. If no locking process can be found, open a Service Request (PMR) with IBM Support for additional assistance.

Instructions for determining locking processes

1. Download Process Monitor from the following link and copy/install it on the failing machine.
2. Run it before running the installation script. You must run it from an Admin account.

3. Create a new filter. Select "Path" "contains" and "\jvm" then "include". Click Add.

4. Run the installer script.

5. Once the installer script process completes, go back to Process Monitor and press "Ctrl-E" to stop logging.

6. Save the filtered log and send it along to IBM Support for review.

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