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Traveler Error "Cannot send mail. The message was rejected by the server"

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You are trying to send some mails from Traveler using Apple iPhone/iPad device and you are getting the error as "Cannot send mail. The message was rejected by the server" on your iPhone/iPad device. The issue can happen on Android device as well but Apple devices are more likely to show this problem. The error doesn't come for all the mails but it only comes for certain mails.

Or the error can be following-

Resolving the problem

The issue is observed when front end server is some Reverse Proxy server. The issue is not from Traveler server. Traveler server is not rejecting this mail. The issue is due to Reverse Proxy server is rejecting the mail. This issue does not come in pure Traveler server environment.

To confirm if Reverse Proxy Server is rejecting the mail, please perform the following steps-

1> Please configure your Apple iPhone to Traveler server's internal IP address using WiFi. You have to use the method of manual account configuration on Apple iPhone and specify the Traveler server's internal IP. (Do not use your Traveler server's FQHN for configuration otherwise the traffic can still go through Reverse Proxy Server). This will help to bypass the Reverse Proxy server. If you are not aware of how to configure the Traveler account manually on Apple iPhone, then you can refer the following link.

2> Now try to send the problematic mail multiple times and you will normally find that, the same mail now can be sent successfully without any error. This confirms that the issue is happening only when Reverse Proxy Server is used.

You should then work with your Reverse Proxy Server team to troubleshoot further and check what HTTP response is given by Reverse Proxy Server to device and why ?

In some of the cases the the Reverse Proxy Server rejects the mail due to pre-configured rules or due to size of message. But there can be other reasons as well which your Reverse Proxy Server team should be able to tell you. There is nothing from Traveler server to troubleshoot in this case.

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Software version: 8.5, 9.0

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Modified date: 01 April 2015

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