Documentation references and tips to ensure success in upgrading RM from v4.x to v5.0



This news article is meant to provide information about important changes and tips to ensure a successful upgrade to IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation (RDNG) 5.0.


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Important changes
  • As of version 5.0, IBM Rational Requirements Composer (RRC) is renamed to IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation. For more details, read this blog post: From two names to one: Rational Requirements Composer is renamed to Rational DOORS Next Generation
  • In version 5.0 of the Requirements Management (RM) application, the data is no longer stored on Jazz Team Server (JTS). Rather, data is stored in the RM server. Because of this change in where the data is stored, the steps for the upgrade procedure significantly changed. Compared to the procedure to upgrade to version 4.x, the procedure to upgrade to version 5.0 has more steps.

Steps for RM Upgrade

  1. The upgrade should always begin by following the Interactive Upgrade Guide.

  2. An RM upgrade script is provided with CLM v5.0 to automate the upgrade when specific conditions are met. A new article Running the RM Upgrade Script for version 5.0 has been published to guide you through the RM Upgrade script to help you understand what will take place by running the RM The article also provides details about where particular files must be located and how to specify command line parameters in order for the RM upgrade script to be successful.

    Note: As noted in the article, the RM upgrade script can only be used if the following conditions are met. Check the Interactive Upgrade Guide if you have questions as to whether or not this script can be used in your environment.
    • Jazz Team Server (JTS) has been successfully upgraded to version 5.0 AND
    • All applications are installed on the same server OR applications are distributed and you can mounts shared directories between servers AND
    • Your server is not running on a double-byte character set Windows server

      Note: The RM upgrade script does not provide the ability to specify a parameter file.

  3. Refer to the Migrating the RM application to V5 to V4.x: Tips, common problems, and Workarounds article on the Deployment wiki as a reference for known issues, workarounds and additional tips for a successful RM upgrade. Any additional problems and workarounds will be included in our Support Technical Notes.

Leverage the Jazz Community

The Jazz based products have an active community that can provide you with additional resources. Browse and contribute to the User forums, contribute to the Team Blog and review the Team wiki.

Review technote 1319600: Leveraging the Jazz Community on for details.

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