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Frequently Asked Questions About IBM Notes Fix Packs

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This document is aimed at answering some frequently asked questions about IBM Notes Fix Packs.


Q: Can Fix Packs be deployed using Smart Upgrade?
Yes. Smart Upgrade does not require a special file to upgrade the client. You use the file you would normally run manually without Smart Upgrade. Smart Upgrade is a tool that runs an executable you provide based on the client accessing the kit.

Q: Are there Fix Packs available for both standard and basic clients?
Yes. For each Fix Pack that is released, and for each operating system, both a standard and a basic installer is released, which should be applied to their respective base versions.

Q: Can a Fix Pack be applied to both Notes clients and the Notes Browser Plug-in?
When a Fix Pack is released, installers are created both for the Notes client (which can have the Browser Plugin installed as an optional Notes component) and for the standalone Notes Browser Plug-in. The appropriate Fix Pack installer is required for each.

Q: Are there Fix Packs created for each language of Notes?
No. Fix Packs do not have languages. Fix Packs can be applied to any language Notes client.

Q: Can the same Fix Pack be applied to an AllClient (Admin, Notes, Designer) and a ClientOnly install?
Yes. Fix Packs can be applied to either configuration. Also, Fix Packs do not differentiate between single and multi-user installs.

Q: Is it possible to combine a Notes install package with a Fix Pack install package, creating a single install file?
While it may be possible, it is neither recommended nor supported by IBM. The Fix Pack comes with its own MSI and setup.exe and should be installed separately. Using Smart Upgrade you can chain Smart Upgrade kits to go to a later version with a Fix Pack on top in one install action. A video on chaining upgrades can be found at the following link:

Q: How do I uninstall a Fix Pack?
A Fix Pack can be uninstalled simply by running the installer again. The wizard will prompt the user that the Fix Pack is being uninstalled, rather than installed.

Q: When planning to upgrade to a new Fix Pack and/or combo hotfix, do I need to uninstall the older one first?
No. Fix Packs and combo fixes are always cumulative, and it is in their code to uninstall the previous fix before installing itself. So, Fix Pack 2 contains everything in Fix Pack 1, Fix Pack 3 contains everything in both Fix Pack 2 and Fix Pack 1, and so on.

Q: Are local templates upgraded with Fix Packs?
No. Only client code is changed with Fix Packs. Newer templates are shipped with point releases, like 8.5.2, 8.5.3, 9.0.1, etc.

Q. Where can you find Fix Packs? Are CDs available?

Fix Packs are available for download at Fix Central. CDs are not made available. You can find direct download links to Fix Packs in the following technotes:

Also review the following technote for important information:

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