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How to configure TM1 10.2.2 Ops Console with CAM authentication

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How to configure TM1 10.2.2 Ops Console with CAM authentication


This document is specific to TM1 10.2.2 with Fixpack 1 or higher. Fixpack 1 introduced a change to the way CAM authentication works with the TM1 Operations Console.

***Please note there is a defect (APAR PI40421) introduced with Fixpack 3 that may causes the CAM login process to not complete even if the configuration is correct. This defect is corrected in an Interim Fix that can be installed on top of Fixpack 3. Please contact IBM Support for access to the Interim Fix.

Work around: In TM1 Cognos Configuration navigate to the TM1 Application section and modify the External Server URI to be localhost instead of the servername.

Use the following steps to configure TM1 Ops Console 10.2.2 with CAM authentication

1 - Open the TM1 Ops Console admin page in your browser (e.g http://localhost:9510/pmhub/pm/admin) Select the settings. Verify that the DefaultAdminHost, DefaultGroup, and DefaultServer are blank.

2 - Select the setting. Set the host to point to the system running the TM1 Admin Server (this is typically, but not always, the same system that runs the TM1 Server).

3 - Select the settings and set CAMGatewayURL to point to the Cognos BI Server gateway and CAMBIURL to point to the Cognos BI Server dispatcher URL.

4a - Unzip the ..\tm1_64\bi_interop\ in the TM1 installation directory. The templates directory must be copied into all Cognos BI Server application tier. The webcontent directory must be copied into all Cognos BI Server gateway installations (rule of of them is XML files = Dispatcher/AppServer, HTML files = Gateway). Merge these folders with the existing ..\c10_64\templates and ..\c10_64\webcontent directories.

4b - Confirm the variables_plan.xml file now exists in following directory of each Cognos BI Server application tier install. No changes to the variables_plan.xml file are required. This file contains a pointer to the planning.html file (used by TM1 Applications) and the pmhub.html file (used by TM1 Ops Console) that were copied into the Cognos BI Server gateway webcontent directory.

4c - A restart the Cognos BI Server services is required for Cognos BI to recognize the newly added variables_plan.xml file.

5 - In the Cognos BI Server gateway installs, edit line 51 of the ..\c10_64\webcontent\pmhub.html file. This line should include the URL used to access TM1 Ops Console up to and including the port number.

For example:

var pmhubURLs = [""];

You can also include multiple URLs if the TM1 Ops Console is used on multiple systems. For example:

var pmhubURLs = [""," http://tm1web:9510"];

**This line number may vary between other versions, however the variable name stays the same.

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