Documentation errata for IBM XL C for AIX 13.1

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This page contains corrections and additions to the product documentation shipped with IBM XL C for AIX 13.1.


Compiler Reference
The following corrections and additions apply to the IBM XL C for AIX 13.1 Compiler Reference:

Chapter: Compiler options reference

Section: Individual option descriptions

Topic: -qunroll

The following paragraph should be added to the end of the description for the n parameter:

If you specify a number for the -qunroll option, the compiler might limit unrolling to a number smaller than the value you specify. This is because the option form affects all loops in source files to which it applies and large unrolling factors might significantly increase compile time without necessarily improving runtime performance. To force a specific unrolling factor for particular loops, use the #pragma form in those loops.

Chapter: Compiler pragmas reference

Section: Individual pragma descriptions

Topic: #pragma option_override


Should read:


#pragma option_override value Equivalent compiler option
strict, all -qstrict, -qstrict=all
strict, no, none -qnostrict
strict, suboption_list -qstrict=suboption_list

Should read:

#pragma option_override value Equivalent compiler option
strict -qstrict, -qstrict=all
strict, yes
strict, no -qnostrict
strict, suboption_list -qstrict=suboption_list

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