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Security fixes to Sametime Proxy Server and Web Client

Technote (troubleshooting)


See the following security bulletin for the details regarding the security issues:

"Security Bulletin: Security fixes for Sametime Proxy Server and Web Client" (#1673260)

In addition to the security issues resolved, this fix also includes the fixes that are described in:

"Cumulative Hotfix for Sametime Proxy 9.0.0 [September 2015]" (#1966820)

Resolving the problem

Prerequisite: The Sametime System Console must be at version 9.0. If not, you will see a failure message during the fix install noting an incorrect version level.

Installation instructions:

Download the Proxy 9 fix from Fix Central, here:

IMPORTANT NOTE: The fix provided above is an updated version of the Proxy 9 fix, which was posted to Fix Central on 7 July 2014. It is recommended that you download and apply this updated fix at your earliest convenience.

Copy the file you downloaded onto the Sametime Proxy Server.

Unzip the file on the server file system.

Apply the fix by running the appropriate steps below on the Sametime Proxy Server:
    1. Launch the Installation Manager

    2. Select File > Preferences

    3. Disable the automatic web update search to allow the installation to run successfully. Clear Search service repositories during installation and updates and click OK

    4. Choose Add Repository

    5. In the Browse field, enter location of the repository.config file unzipped earlier (e.g. .../SametimeProxyServer/disk1/STProxy/respository.config)

    6. Select OK

    7. In the main Installation Manager window, choose Update

    8. Select the IBM Sametime Server Platform package group

    9. Next

    10. Enter the WebSphere wasadmin user credentials for the Sametime Proxy Server and then click Validate

    11. Next

    12. Enter the Sametime System Console server details, and WebSphere wasadmin credential

    13. Next

    14. Upgrade

Follow the instructions on the screen until the installation completes.

NOTE: If you are running a multi-node (cluster) configuration, repeat these instructions on each node.

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Modified date: 21 March 2016