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Long running select command crashes Tivoli Storage Manager server

Technote (troubleshooting)


A select command that runs a long time against a large table, such as the Backups table, may consume a lot of database temporary space, causing the server to crash.

Diagnosing the problem

Examine the Tivoli Storage Manager activity log. The following error is logged before the crash :

04/29/14 17:02:46 ANR0171I tbnsql.c(730): Error detected on 75:1, database in evaluation mode. (SESSION: 1234)

In this message, it shows that session 1234 was the session causing the crash. Examine the activity log messages for activities related to this session. For example :

04/29/14 14:39:46 ANR2017I Administrator ADMIN issued command:
select count(a.object_id),a.filespace_name,a.class_name,a.node_name,b.lastacc_time from backups a, nodes b where a.node_name=b.node_name group by a.class_name,a.filespace_name,a.node_name,b.lastacc_time (SESSION: 1234)

In this message, it shows session 1234 was a session started for administrator ADMIN and this session ran a select command against the backups table.

Examine the Tivoli Storage Manager DB2 instance db2diag.x.log file for errors are around the same time of the crash. For example :

2014-04-29- E17721A773         LEVEL: Error
PID     : 3473567              TID  : 4952        PROC : db2sysc 0
INSTANCE: tsminst1             NODE : 000
EDUID   : 4952                 EDUNAME: db2pclnr (TSMDB1) 0
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, buffer pool services, sqlbClnrAsyncWriteCompletion, probe:0
MESSAGE : ADM6017E  The table space "LGTMPTSP" (ID "7") is full. Detected on
container "/tsmdb/tsmdb3/tsminst1/NODE0000/TSMDB1/T0000007/C0000000.TMP" (ID "0").  The underlying file system is full or the maximum allowed space usage for the file system has been reached. It is also possible that there are user limits in place with respect to maximum file size and these limits have been reached.

The above message shows that the instance ran out of temporary space (LGTMPTSP).

Resolving the problem

To prevent the server from crashing, do not issue select commands that run for a long time. If needed, add sufficient space to the database using the EXTEND DBSPACE command so that the server does not run out of temporary space.

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