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Limiting The Amount of Records a User Can Change Status On From a Query

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Is it possible to prevent users from changing the status on a certain amount of records returned from a where clause query?


When a user selects records from a where clause query in Work Order Tracking or any application in Maximo, and then selects the Change Status toolbar icon, they get the following pop up screen:

Users see a warning, but can still select OK and change that amount of records.

The following steps are how to remove the OK button from the dialog forcing them to select records from the List page which should have it's own limit set.

This will prevent large amount of records to be status changed at once, but will affect all applications that have the change status functionality.

Steps to remove OK button:

Launch App Designer and select an application like WOTRACK

From the Select Action menu select the Messages option.

expand the filter and in the Message Key field enter ConfirmListAction or in the MESSAGE ID field enter BMXAA2185W

You will see:

Expand the row by selecting the blue triangle icon and you will see the details for the message dialog.
On the left you will see options for buttons, the OK will be checked, uncheck it so it appears like:

Save and test. Now when a user returns records from a query and select the Change Status option the
dialog appears as:

This will force users to select records from the List tab which has a limit that can be set.
For instructions on setting the Select Row Limit reference the following DCF document:

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Software version: 7.1.1, 7.5, 7.6

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Modified date: 21 February 2017

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