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TPF Users Group Presentations - Spring 2014

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Presentations by IBMers at the Spring 2014 TPF Users Group Conference in Arlington, Virginia.


Main Tent Unlocking Data on z/TPF: Data Format Description Language (DFDL)
Bob Dryfoos

Unlocking Data on z/TPF: The Future of Business Events
Bob Dryfoos

z/TPF Customer Communications, Education and Social Media
Obi Nwoye
Applications Subcommittee ADBI: An Object Oriented Interface to z/TPFDF
Josh Wisniewski

User Credentials Within z/TPF
Mark Gambino
Communications Subcommittee z/TPF HTTP Support
Mark Gambino
Database/TPFDF Subcommittee z/TPF File System Updates
Chris Filachek

z/TPFDF Status Update
Chris Filachek
Development Tools Subcommittee z/TPF Debugger Update
Josh Wisniewski

TPF Toolkit and RTC Integration
Admin Demo Recording (MP4)
User Demo Recording (MP4)
Mohammed Ajmal

TPF Toolkit Updates
Mohammed Ajmal
Education Format-2 Globals Support
Colette A. Manoni
Operations Subcommittee Large Variance Measurements
Robert Blackburn Ph.D.
System Control Program Subcommittee HyperPAV Support on z/TPF
Chris Filachek

z/TPF Enhancements
Chris Filachek
TPF Toolkit Taskforce Code Coverage Histogram
Demo Recording (MP4)
Mohammed Ajmal

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All presenters listed are employees of the IBM Corporation. All presentations are Copyright IBM Corp., 2014.

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