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Additional Functionality for CREATE PMA (Prior moving average) Request

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I work with IBM SPSS Statistics software and see there is the function PMA (Prior Moving Average) on Create Time Series function list.
PMA creates new series based on the prior moving averages of existing series. The prior moving average for each case in the original series is computed by averaging the values of a span of cases preceding it.

I would like to request a new functionally as a similar function to PMA but including the current case. So, averaging the values of a span of the current case and the cases preceding it.
So a span of 4 should make the moving average of the variable of the current case + the 3 preceding cases. Can this be added as a new function?






SPSS Statistics v22 and future releases

Diagnosing the problem

N/A, Enhancement Request

Resolving the problem

An Enhancement Request was submitted to Development to consider if the new function can be addedd into a future release of IBM SPSS Statistics for Create Time Series transformation functions (Reference ID: ECM00201059). Please note that no information can be given if and when an Enhancement request can and will be added into a future release.

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