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Unexpected results for WebSphere MQ dmpmqcfg output

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Why does the Websphere MQ (WMQ) dmpmqcfg output not have authority records for PERMDYN queues?


WebSphere MQ dmpmqcfg output may appear to be missing queue authority records for local queues that were created as permanent dynamic queues.
If an application created PERMDYN local queues from a qmodel and then setmqaut commands were issued with wildcard characters to cover the PERMDYN local queues, the output that is created when you run command "dmpmqcfg -m qmgr -a" would not include those authority records.

The dmpmqcfg utility reads the QMGR configuration (that is, the pre-defined objects in the queue manager) and then for each object found it lists the setmqaut commands needed to recreate the authority records, For queues, this means local, remote and model queues. In consequence, the temporary or permanent dynamic queues created from model queues are omitted from the list of queue manager objects.
That is, dmpmqcfg is working as designed.


If you have additional security rules that are needed to restore queue manager functionality, the amqoamd utility can be used as an alternative / workaround.

The amqoamd utility reads the authority records directly, and when invoked with the -s parameter, it lists the setmqaut commands to recreate the authorities.
The output includes all setmqaut commands (including permanent dynamic queues).

Usage: amqoamd [-m QMgrName ] [-t ObjType] [-n ObjName] [-f|s]
-f old authorization file format
-s output setmqaut commands

Note: this utility is not documented in the WMQ documentation.

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