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Updating the IBM Connections 4.5 databases to the required schema versions for Cumulative Refresh 4 (CR4)

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IBM Connections 4.5 CR4 requires database updates for Blogs, Communities, Homepage, and Mobile. In addition to the database updates, Cognos needs to be updated.


IBM Connections 4.5 CR4 requires database updates for Blogs, Communities, Homepage, and Mobile. In addition to the database updates, Cognos needs to be updated.

Database updates:

The ZIP archive included in this document contains the complete set of SQL scripts and database update commands needed to upgrade the databases to the 4.5 CR4 required levels. Once extracted, the directory structure will help you identify the specific scripts you need.

For example, if you are upgrading from a base 4.5 installation directly into 4.5 CR4, and using DB2 database type, you will find all the scripts inside the "from-cr1-or-below/db2" directory. Within the directory, there is a readme file with the specific commands you need to run.

ZIP archive containing the database update scripts has been updated on April 18, 2014 to replace homepage-upgrade-45CR3-45CR4-sqlserver.sql with a new version that resolves a performance issue when running the script. This affects MS SQL Server only.

Cognos server updates:

The following steps are required if you are upgrading your IBM Connections 4.5 environment from CR3 or below.

A. Backup customized reports on the BI server
If you are not using customized reports, you can skip this step.

You can create a new directory, 'CustomizeReportsBackup', under the 'Public Folders > IBMConnectionsMetrics' directory on the BI server, then copy all customized reports into this directory.

Please note the original location of all customized reports, since you will need to restore them back into that same location after the upgrade.

B. Prepare the CognosConfig

The or CognosConfig.tar can be found in the "/Cognos" folder within the IBM Connections product media you previously used to install IBM Connections. This file should have been previously downloaded and expanded to your local file system. If you can find the expanded folder, you can use the file in the following steps. If you previously removed it, you will need to create it again:

  1. Download the CognosConfig package to a temporary location on the server
  2. Create a directory to contain the expanded package; for example:
    - AIX or Linux: /opt/CognosConfig|
    - Windows: C:\CognosConfig
  3. Expand the package into the new directory
  4. Locate the type 4 JDBC driver provided by your database server product
  5. Copy the JDBC driver to the following location: /CognosConfig/BI-Customization/JDBC
    Note: If any previous Cognos fixes have been installed, follow the documentation for that update.

Prepare the file by filling in a value for each property. For more information, please refer to step 6 in the Installing Cognos Business Intelligence components topic of the product documentation.

C. Copy the following files from the attachment to the corresponding folder

configBI.bat|sh to CognosConfig/bin (grant the file execution rights, for example "chmod 755")
lc.metrics.cognos.install.jar to CognosConfig/lib  to CognosConfig/MetricsPkg
lc.metrics.cognos.api.jar  to  CognosConfig/BI-Customization/JAR
MetricsTrxCube.mdl to CognosConfig/models
cognos-installation-verify.bat|sh to CognosConfig (grant the file execution rights, for example "chmod 755")

D. Generate a new Cognos BI Server EAR file with the fix under Cognos BI server installation path:
       Run the|bat script

NOTE: For RedHat Linux 6, ensure LD_PRELOAD = /usr/lib64/ has been set as JVM variable of Cognos Server. If not, please follow the information in this topic: Configuring Cognos Business Intelligence after installation.

E. Use the IBM WebSphere Integrated Solutions Console to apply the new EAR file to the Cognos server:

  1. On the Deployment Manager, log in to the Integrated Solutions Console as the WebSphere administrator.
  2. Click Servers -> Enterprise Applications.
  3. In the list of applications, select the Cognos where you generated the new EAR file, and click the Update button in the table.
  4. Browse to the newly built EAR file residing in the Cognos_BI_Server_install_path directory, and click Next.
  5. Complete the remaining screens by accepting the default values and clicking Next.
  6.  Click Finish to complete the update.
  7. Stop and Start the Cognos server node.

F. Ensure the Cognos server is up and running, then run the to update the Cognos server

G. Run the build-all script located in <Transformer install path>/metricsmodel path to rebuild the powercube.

H. Reconfigure the Cognos admin and user roles following the IBM Connections Product Documentation topic Configuring the IBMConnectionsMetricsAdmin role on Cognos.

I. Restore customized reports on the BI server
If you are not using customized reports, you can skip this step.

Restore customized reports back to the original location from the backup you made in the 'Public Folders > IBMConnectionsMetrics > CustomizeReportsBackup' directory on the BI server. Create directory 'Public Folders > IBMConnectionsMetrics > Metrics > community > customizedTheme' if it does not exists, and copy all the community customized reports into this directory to make it available for Community Metrics.

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