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Enhancement Request: use UNC path without having mapped a shared resource on server

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I am working with IBM SPSS Statistics Server and know that UNC names can be used only when the referenced locations contain the name of a shared resource on the network.
However, I would like to have the option to open and save Statistics data file from shared resource on the network by providing only the UNC path without the need to map drives on server. Can this be implemented in a future release?


An Enhancement request has been submitted to Development (Reference: ECM00200896)

Please also read IBM SPSS Statistics Server Administrators Guide.pdf for release Statistics 22 to plan how end users can access the data from network locations when working in distributed mode:

Chapter 3: Data Access - View of the Data (Page 9):
 'In distributed analysis mode, in which data access and processing occur on a
remote server, the view of data files, ODBC data sources, directories, and drives is from the perspective of the server computer—that is, when the end user tries to open a data file, he or she sees the data files, directories, and mounted drives on the server computer.
Your job is to configure data access in either local analysis mode or distributed analysis mode, as required by the end user.'

Page 10 'Referencing Data':
Note that UNC names can be used only when the referenced locations contain the name of  a shared resource on the network.

Page 11: 'Controlling data access:'
 "How you set access permissions on Windows depends on where the data are stored.
-  If the files reside on a networked computer other then the computer running the server software, assign permissions to shared resources.
-  If the files reside on the server computer, and on an NTFS drive, use security settings. You cannot control file access for data on the server computer on a FAT drive.
See “File Properties” on page 53 for information about setting sharing and security permissions on Windows."

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Software version: 22.0

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