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QRadar: Requesting a missing license or activation key

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How do I request a QRadar license or activation key for my appliance?


After an initial purchase or to complete a reinstall of an IBM Security QRadar product the license or activation key might have been lost for your appliance. Administrators can use the information below to request a copy of a license or activation key.


IBM Security Intelligence QRadar license and activation keys are sent to customer contacts after the initial purchase. Customers can request the keys be resent by emailing with the following information:

  • Organization name
  • Serial number(s) of the appliance(s)

Technical issues applying a license in the QRadar UI should be addressed to the Security Intelligence support group by creating a ticket (PMR) online at

Where do I find more information?
If you have additional questions or some of this content is not clear, you can see the QRadar forum or contact customer support for assistance:

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