Introducing IBM Knowledge Center for InfoSphere Guardium

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IBM® Knowledge Center is going live in May as a replacement for IBM information centers.


What is IBM Knowledge Center?
Currently in an open beta through April 2014, IBM Knowledge Center gathers all IBM product information into one easy-to-access place. IBM Knowledge Center provides an improved search experience that supports saving your searches for future use and capturing personalized collections of just the information you need.

Search across the whole library or limit your search to the products and versions you care about.
You can use filters to narrow your search results.
You can apply multiple search filters to get specific results for what you need.
Get more of what you need and less of what you don’t need.

Once you have the search results, you can assemble those topics and save them.
Collect your favorite topics.
You get more bang for your buck if you put single topics in your collections – skip all the navigation. Saving single topics allows for easier retrieval at a later time.
Organize just the topics you need for viewing and printing.
Build custom PDFs that are tailored for your needs, including only the topics in which you are interested.

Put the power of information to work for you.
Try IBM Knowledge Center today at

Information centers for current IBM InfoSphere® Guardium® releases will be replaced by the new IBM Knowledge Center.
Links from the current information centers will be redirected automatically to IBM Knowledge Center.
Consider updating your bookmarks now, and explore IBM Knowledge Center:

InfoSphere Guardium 9.1 (as of the 9.1 release, all InfoSphere Guardium documentation, including S-TAPs, is part of the same documentation set)

InfoSphere Guardium 9.0
InfoSphere Guardium S-TAP for DB2 on z/OS 9.0
InfoSphere Guardium S-TAP for IMS on z/OS 9.0
InfoSphere Guardium S-TAP for VSAM on z/OS 9.0

InfoSphere Guardium 8.2
InfoSphere Guardium S-TAP for IMS on z/OS 8.2
InfoSphere Guardium S-TAP for VSAM on z/OS 8.2

InfoSphere Guardium S-TAP for DB2 on z/OS 8.1

Here are a few ideas for how you can quickly get acquainted with IBM Knowledge Center:

  • Start using it! Navigate to information that you use regularly, search for a reference topic for a command whose syntax you always forget and create a collection of topics that you refer to frequently, maybe even topics about multiple IBM products. So far, many of the users we have talked to are very happy about the facts that all IBM product documentation is now in one place and that they don't need to visit lots of separate information centers any more. We hope you will feel the same way.
  • Skim some of the blog posts on the IBM Technical Content blog @
  • In a recent post, Jamie Roberts, the IBM Knowledge Center Product Manager and User Experience Lead, answered several frequently asked questions that have been raised during the open beta period.
  • Earlier posts explain some of the differences between information centers and IBM Knowledge Center and provide important tips on narrowing your search in IBM Knowledge Center to help you find what you need as quickly as possible.
  • View this 14-minute video, which includes a demo of some of the unique features of
    IBM Knowledge Center:
  • Read the help (, which you can access from anywhere in IBM Knowledge Center by clicking the help icon on the top right part of the interface.

After you have explored IBM Knowledge Center and used documentation for IBM products that you need to access when doing your work, please take a brief survey to tell us your initial impressions.

Access the survey at

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