Interim Fixes for 8.5.3 Fix Pack 6 IBM Notes, IBM Domino & IBM iNotes

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This technote contains download information and Fix Lists for Interim Fixes for version 8.5.3 Fix Pack 6 of Notes, Domino, and iNotes. Note that Interim Fixes are cumulative and contain all of the fixes from previous versions. The latest Interim Fix for Notes 8.5.3 FP6 is Interim Fix 2 (October 2014). The latest Interim Fix for Domino 8.5.3 FP6 is Interim Fix 2 (November 2014).


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Domino & iNotes
Fix List

    SPRs addressed in Domino & iNotes 8.5.3 Fix Pack 6 Interim Fixes
    Fix introduced
    in release
    ITDL9PWMFU CVE-2014-3566 - SSLv3 POODLE (Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption)
    (technote 1687167)

    8.5.3 Fix Pack 6
    Interim Fix 4
    KLYH9Q3L4V Add support for TLS 1.0 inbound
    KLYH9Q4KQ5 Add HTTP support for TLS 1.0
    DKEN9N8T3M Remove weak SSL/TLS CipherSpecs
    GFAL9PVDN8 SSLv2 not disabled for IMAP
    YDEN8RNH22 Enhancement Request: Support for TLS specifically for SMTP
    Recommended security fix for IBM Domino and IBM XWork Server (technote 1676656)

    8.5.3 Fix Pack 6
    Interim Fix 3
    Stack dumps on Linux often do not contain proper routine names
    VMRU8P8T2Y Fix issue with stack walk initialization on Linux
    Server crashes on PlatStackSymbolize call
    HANA9K3QAW Updated Notice file
    CPU spikes to 100% For LDAP On Domino 853 FP6 server when used for authentication by 8.5.2 Sametime Community Server
    BFEY9GXHZE Recommended security fix for iNotes (technote 1671981)

    8.5.3 Fix Pack 6
    Interim Fix 2
    KLYH9FNKLW Code Execution Vulnerability - CVE-2014-0892 (technote 1670264)
    RMAS9GRS5Q (LO78849) Default parameters for a defensive stack-overflow condition that were changed in 8.5.3 FP6 resulted in the number of view insert operations per session being overly restricted.
    SODY9DDBD5 (LO77862) Applets Report "Application: Unknown" In Java 7 Update 45, won't run in Java 7 Update 51 (technote 1662233)
    SODY9FFEYE Java applets in Domino require whitelist access in Java 7u51 in order to interact with. (technote 1662233)
    KLYH9F4S2Z IBM Domino IMAP Server Denial of Service Vulnerability - CVE-2014-0822 (technote 1663023)
    8.5.3 Fix Pack 6
    Interim Fix 1

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    Fix List
    • For Basic & Standard Clients
      Fix introduced
      in release
      IFAY9MRJUG [DST Fix] DST Meeting Created On Gmt+1 Timezone Are Showing An Hour Off
      8.5.3 FP6 IF2
      Client Crash For Unknown Reason
      8.5.3 FP6 IF1
      Crash Of Ndyncfg Task In Notes 8.53 On Citrix Setup
      8.5.3 FP6 IF1
      Quota Indicator value does not change in local replica after new mail is delivered to mailfile
      8.5.3 FP6 IF1
      [DST Fix] Core JVM need to be updated to include Olson time zone update tzdata2014c
      8.5.3 FP6 IF1
      KLYH9FNKLW [Linux Specific] The details of this security issue have been relocated to another database with limited access
      8.5.3 FP6 IF1

    • For Standard Clients only
      Fix introduced
      in release
      SVRO9MYPEF ICU4J update needed in XPD for olsen TZData2014f August 7th 2014 for use in Notes 8.5.3 FP6 Interim Fix
      8.5.3 FP6 IF2
      BJGY9K5MR4 Need Domino Dst Fix For New 2014 Egypt Dst Change
      8.5.3 FP6 IF2
      With Internet Explorer 10 And Notes 8.5.3, Mailto: Functionality Errors Out And Generates Multiple Blank windows (technote 1636319)
      8.5.3 FP6 IF1
      SHAH9KD77F [XPD] [DST Fix] Expeditor framework to include ICU4J update for tzdata2014c
      8.5.3 FP6 IF1
      [XPD] Notes client crash 8.5.3 FP2/FP3 Standard Configuration On Windows 7 randomly from first installation
      8.5.3 FP6 IF1
      [XPD] Provide setting to adjust max token size of Kerberos ticket
      8.5.3 FP6 IF1

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