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"Error code 45 - the account is locked for update" when users with restrictions (on forms) try to load data (e.g. via an import spec), especially after upgrade

Technote (troubleshooting)


Restricted users (those with a security group on their forms) try to import data (with an import specification). These users receive an error message.

Typically this worked before a recent upgrade (of Controller).


Error code 45 - the account is locked for update.


Change in functionality in Controller (from version 10.1.2163 onwards).

More Details:
There has been a deliberate change in the security for 'import data' and 'export from excel' (fExpVal).

  • Specifically, the user must have 'write' access (not just read access) to the accounts they are importing to.


This behaviour is often seen after customers upgrade from an earlier version (10.1.2159 or older) to a later version (10.1.2163 or later) of Controller

Resolving the problem


There are several methods to fix the problem:

1. Remove the relevant 'form security group' from the 'bad' users

2. Import the values using an administrative (unrestricted) user account (e.g. ADM)

3. Modify the security permissions (on the form) for the accounts that are to be imported, so that the users have write access to them

  • TIP: It may also be necessary to use submissions (so that some data can be locked once loaded).

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Modified date: 10 December 2014

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