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Importing Rational License file with IPv6 address as Hostid results in "The License Keys are not for this machine" error

Technote (troubleshooting)


Attempts to import any IBM Rational license file(s) generated from IBM Rational license key center (LKC) having a IPv6 address as a hostid on License Key Administrator (LKAD) results in the error "The license keys are not for this machine."


Importing the license using LKAD results in the error:

The License Keys are not for this machine



The Rational License Key Administrator is unable to handle licenses with IPv6 addresses as hostid.


Applies to all instances of LKAD installed.

Resolving the problem


  1. Navigate to the installation directory of IBM Rational License Key server (RLKS)

  2. Open the file rational_server_perm.dat / rational_server_temp.dat in a text editor

  3. Copy and Paste the contents from the newly generated license file, using the IPv6 address to the rational_server_perm.dat / rational_server_temp.dat

  4. Save & Re-read license file to run new license file

    LKAD should now reflect the newly imported license files.

Note: If the floating license file being imported is a permanent license, the default file to which the license needs to manually imported is "rational_server_perm.dat" . If there is a license file already already in use generated with a different hostid, this would need to be overwritten completely. In case of Temporary licenses, there is no hostid specific licenses.

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Modified date: 29 January 2014

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