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How to start work with Rhapsody Interrupt-Driven Framework

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How do you start work with IBM Rational Rhapsody Interrupt-Driven Framework (IDF) ?


IDF for Rhapsody in C is bundled with the product standard installation. However only few sample models for limited adapters are provided in the product.
Besides IDF and standard OXF (Object eXecution Framework), you can also use other frameworks such as MXF (MicroC eXecution Framework), SMXF (Simplified MicroC eXecution Framework), NOF (No Framework) and SF (Synchronous Framework).


You can find IDF model (../[ver]/Share/LangC/idf/model/) and some already implemented IDF Adapter models (../[ver]/Share/LangC/idf/Adapters/) inside of product installation.

Rhapsody's Interrupt-Driven Framework (IDF) White Paper has explained how to start to work with IDF sample models and also introduced basic steps to implement a new IDF Adapter for a specific target.

(The roughly estimated time for implement a new IDF Adapter is about or less than 1 week workdays.)


IDF for Rhapsody in C++ is not bundled with the product. If you have such needs, please contact IBM support.

For professional assistance to implement IDF adapter to suit your embedded environment, you can contact IBM service team.

You can confirm the contact details from your local sales representative.

Addition Information:

A couple of new frameworks are introduced in the product on Rhapsody 7.6.1. You should first compare and understand key features to individual framework before choosing the most suitable one to meet your needs.

Below are some extra advantages provided by SMXF when comparing with IDF.

  • It is developed especially for Safety Critical developers.
  • It contains test package, which is built using Rhapsody TestConductor.
  • It contains High and Low Level Requirements package.
  • It contains Extended Execution Manager feature which not exist in IDF.
  • It is highly configurable and doesn't contain dead code.

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