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"DBI1060E  Invalid package name ESE" error during db2_install

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In V10.5 you might run into the following error when running db2_install with '-p' option.

$ ./db2_install -b /opt/IBM/db2/V10.5 -p ESE

DBI1324W  Support of the db2_install command is deprecated. For more information, see the DB2 Information Center.

DBI1060E  Invalid package name ESE.


An incorrect name has been entered. The package either does not exist or the name has been entered incorrectly.

The db2_install Information Center says to look into the provided ComponentList.htm file to check for the 'Short Name' when using -p option. However, looking into this file you will see the following:

DB2 Server Edition
Product Short Name: ESE
Product Response File ID: DB2_SERVER_EDITION

You would see the same error for any other editions.


Starting from V10.5 there has been a change to only use short name 'SERVER' when specifying for -p option.


The ComponentList.htm file has not been modified to show SERVER as a short name. This will be addressed in future V10.5 fixpack releases.

As shown below, use SERVER as -p input:

$ ./db2_install -b /opt/IBM/db2/V10.5 -p SERVER

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