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PLS produces warning that "TEMPORARY command cannot be used with DELETE VARIABLES" and returns no results

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I'm attempting to run a partial least squares regression analysis using the PLS extension in SPSS Statistics. I've managed to get everything installed and some analyses run okay, but in others I get errors with no numeric results. The first of the errors reads:


The TEMPORARY command cannot be used with DELETE VARIABLES.

Execution of this command stops.

Resolving the problem

This problem was reported to SPSS Development and has been found to be related to analyses involving large numbers of variables with long variable names. A fix for it was incorporated into Version 1.3.7 of the PLS extension, posted on developerWorks on January 17, 2014. Upgrading your PLS installation to this version or a later one if such exists should resolve the issue.

If you are running a version prior to Version 22 of SPSS Statistics, you can download the updated PLS version from . If you are running Version 22, you can download and install the updated PLS extension directly from within the program by specifying Utilities>Extension Bundles>Download and Install Extension Bundles.

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