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Connection to DB2 may fail with SQL1248N error message after calling xa_close()

Technote (troubleshooting)


The following error may occur when trying to make a new database connection to DB2 after calling xa_close():

SQL1248N Database "<database-alias>" not defined with the transaction


- xa_close() resets the XA environment only when "Thread of Control" is set to PROCESS.
- The connection type should be set back to 1 again before making a new connection

Resolving the problem

To resolve this problem, do the following:

1. In order to ensure the XA environment is reset after calling xa_close(), "Thread of Control" needs to be set to "PROCESS" by adding "TOC=P" to the XA open string.



2. After calling xa_close(), the connection type should be set to 1 by using the sqlesetc API. This should be done before attempting a new connection.


int rc = 0;
struct sqlca ljsqlca;
struct sqle_conn_setting csetting;
csetting.type = SQL_CONNECT_TYPE;
csetting.value = SQL_CONNECT_1;
rc = sqlesetc( &csetting, 1, &ljsqlca);

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Software version: 9.5, 9.7, 10.1, 10.5

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Reference #: 1661398

Modified date: 10 November 2015