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IBM Lotus Notes Crashes or Hangs after logging into Sametime



IBM Lotus Notes crashes while logging into the embedded IBM Sametime plugin. If users are configured to automatically log into Sametime during Notes start up (via "Automatically Log in" setting), then the crashes can occur shortly after Notes launch during the Sametime login process.


IBM Lotus Notes crashes or hangs while logging into the embedded IBM Sametime plugin.


The cause of the crash is due to the termination of the Notes JVM notes2.exe. Notes2.exe termination occurs due to issues initializing audio or video drivers on the OS.

If Telephony, SUT or Audio and Video are enabled on the Sametime server, and if there are issues with faulty video or audio device drivers, then this can cause Lotus Notes to hang, and then crash while logging into Sametime.


Diagnosing The Problem

The crash occurs due to the termination of notes2.exe. The associated NSD will only show NLNOTES PANIC, and does provide diagnostics of this particular problem.

This crash will be reported in Javacore file, found in the .\data\workspace\logs directory.

Excerpt from a Javacore:


Java callstack:
at com/ibm/collaboration/realtime/multimedia/video/gips/GIPSVideoGeneralNative.GIPSVideo_Init(Native Method)
at com/ibm/collaboration/realtime/multimedia/video/gips/GIPSVideoGeneral.initialize(Bytecode PC:3)
at com/ibm/collaboration/realtime/multimedia/video/gips/GIPSVideoGeneral.<init>(Bytecode PC:31)
at com/ibm/collaboration/realtime/multimedia/video/gips/GIPSVideoGeneralWindows.<init>(Bytecode PC:1)
at java/lang/J9VMInternals.newInstanceImpl(Native Method)
at java/lang/Class.newInstance(Bytecode PC:6(Compiled Code))
at org/eclipse/core/internal/registry/osgi/RegistryStrategyOSGI.createExecutableExtension(Bytecode PC:128(Compiled Code))
at org/eclipse/core/internal/registry/ExtensionRegistry.createExecutableExtension(Bytecode PC:7(Compiled Code))
at org/eclipse/core/internal/registry/ConfigurationElement.createExecutableExtension(Bytecode PC:315(Compiled Code))
at org/eclipse/core/internal/registry/ConfigurationElementHandle.createExecutableExtension(Bytecode PC:5(Compiled Code))
at com/ibm/collaboration/realtime/servicehub/internal/ServiceDescriptor.loadService(Bytecode PC:75)
at com/ibm/collaboration/realtime/servicehub/internal/ServiceRegistry.getService(Bytecode PC:217(Compiled Code))
at com/ibm/collaboration/realtime/servicehub/internal/ServiceRegistry.getService(Bytecode PC:3(Compiled Code))
at com/ibm/collaboration/realtime/servicehub/ServiceHub.getService(Bytecode PC:109(Compiled Code))
at com/ibm/collaboration/realtime/servicehub/ServiceHub.getService(Bytecode PC:5(Compiled Code))
at com/ibm/collaboration/realtime/multimedia/video/gips/GIPSVideoFactory.getGipsVideo(Bytecode PC:33)
at com/ibm/collaboration/realtime/multimedia/phonegrid/internal/gips/GIPSGeneral.loadGIPS(Bytecode PC:628)
at com/ibm/collaboration/realtime/multimedia/phonegrid/internal/gips/GIPSGeneral.loadAndInit(Bytecode PC:6)
at com/ibm/collaboration/realtime/multimedia/phonegrid/internal/gips/GIPSGeneral.getDevicesAudioIn(Bytecode PC:0)


3XMTHREADINFO3 Native callstack:
4XENATIVESTACK (0x00000000)
4XENATIVESTACK OpenAdapter10_2+0xf055 (0x3D5802B5 [dlumd32+0x102b5])
4XENATIVESTACK D3D11CreateDevice+0x48bd7 (0x6217971E [d3d11+0x5971e])
4XENATIVESTACK D3D11CreateDevice+0xb160 (0x6213BCA7 [d3d11+0x1bca7])
4XENATIVESTACK D3D11CreateDevice+0x12d4c (0x62143893 [d3d11+0x23893])
4XENATIVESTACK D3D11CreateDevice+0xfd0 (0x62131B17 [d3d11+0x11b17])
4XENATIVESTACK D3D11CreateDevice+0x1117 (0x62131C5E [d3d11+0x11c5e])
4XENATIVESTACK D3D11CreateDevice+0x1bbdc (0x6214C723 [d3d11+0x2c723])
4XENATIVESTACK D3D11CoreCreateLayeredDevice+0x8e0 (0x6212C789 [d3d11+0xc789])
4XENATIVESTACK D3D11CoreCreateLayeredDevice+0x1c9b (0x6212DB44 [d3d11+0xdb44])
4XENATIVESTACK D3D11CoreCreateLayeredDevice+0x20b6 (0x6212DF5F [d3d11+0xdf5f])
4XENATIVESTACK D3D11CreateDevice+0x13e2 (0x62131F29 [d3d11+0x11f29])
4XENATIVESTACK D3D11CoreCreateLayeredDevice+0xbf (0x6212BF68 [d3d11+0xbf68])
4XENATIVESTACK D3D11CoreCreateDevice+0x5ec (0x62130532 [d3d11+0x10532])
4XENATIVESTACK D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain+0x25b (0x62130968 [d3d11+0x10968])
4XENATIVESTACK D3D11CreateDevice+0x2c (0x62130B73 [d3d11+0x10b73])


Further information can be found in Windows Event Viewer:


Excerpt from Event Viewer Applications view:

Log Name: Application
Source: Windows Error Reporting
Date: 2/15/2013 8:53:32 AM
Event ID: 1001
Task Category: None
Level: Information
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: <computer name>
Fault bucket 3298799140, type 1
Event Name: APPCRASH
Response: Not available
Cab Id: 0
Page 102 of 122
Problem signature:
P1: notes2.exe
P3: 4c9a5e24
P4: J9PRT24.dll
P6: 508894dd
P7: c0000005
P8: 00015ef6


Errors for this type of event can also be found in the Trace logs stored in the local .\data\workspace\logs directory.

Example of a problem with the Audio Device driver:



CLFRB1230W: Unable to find required audio devices, microphone devices available: [] speaker devices available: [Use device specified in operating system, Remote Audio]

Similar errors are also reported when the video driver fails.

To further diagnose this issue, the following debug should be added to the .\Data\workspace\.config\ file:



Resolving The Problem

Typically uninstalling and reinstalling the audio/video drivers will resolve the issue. However, there have been other cases resolved by upgrading the driver, or even replacing the actual video card driver.

In another reported case, changing the default audio device driver to the correct driver resolved the problem. This crash is caused by the AV drivers or hardware, and is not considered a defect in the Lotus Notes or Sametime software. Therefore, it is recommended to consult with the audio and video device vendor to ensure these devices are working properly.


SPR TMDS952QD5 was submitted to Quality Engineering to report the Notes client crash while logging into Sametime, and to provide better error control handling.

WORKAROUND: You may add the following flag to the plugin_customization.ini (located in ...\NotesProgramDirectory\framework\rcp):

This will disable AV for the Sametime Embedded client in IBM Notes, thus preventing the hang/crash. It requires a Notes restart.

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