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Unable to Conjugate a flow port for SysML in Rational Rhapsody

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Can the direction of flow for a non-flow specification flow port be reversed for Systems Modeling Language (SysML) in IBM Rational Rhapsody when the Conjugated checkbox is greyed-out?


When you create a Flow port in a Rational Rhapsody Block Definition Diagram, you notice that after setting the port type to a non-Flow Specification type, the option to Conjugate the port is greyed-out.


No, it is not possible to set or unset the Conjugated checkbox for a flow port not typed by a flow specification.

Flow ports that are not typed by a Flow Specification are called atomic flow ports. These ports have direction (input, output) defined on the port itself.

The direction of flow ports that are typed by a Flow Specification is derived from the flow properties owned by the typing Flow Specification, meaning if all flow properties are "in", the port direction is also "in".

Conjugating a non-atomic flow port, means that the port treats every "in" flow property as "out", and every "out" flow property as "in", meaning that the derived direction for the port has been reversed.

Atomic flow ports have an explicit non-derived direction, so conjugating them is meaningless; hence why this option is greyed-out when the type is not a Flow Specification.

If a Flow port is typed by a block, it means it is atomic, and instances of the block are being transmitted through the port; so even if the typing block owns flow properties, their directions are not reversed.

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