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Cumulative Hotfix for Sametime Proxy 9.0 - 3rd April 2014

Fix readme


A cumulative hotfix for Sametime Proxy 9.0 is available. This includes multiple fixes to the web and mobile client, and allows wildcards in the quick find search


Hotfix: 9001-ST-Proxy-FP-AGRE-9HQH95

Installation instructions:

Prerequisite: The Sametime System Console must be at version 9.0. If not, then you will see a failure message during the fix install noting an incorrect version level.

To install this fix on a Sametime Proxy Server node, follow these steps:

  1. Download the fix 9001-ST-Proxy-FP-AGRE-9HQH95 from IBM Fix Central.
  2. Copy the file you downloaded onto the Sametime Proxy Server.
  3. Unzip the file on the server file system.
  4. Apply the fix by running the appropriate steps below on the Sametime Proxy Server:
  • Launch the Installation Manager
  • Select File -> Preferences
  • Disable the automatic web update search to allow the installation to run successfully.
    Clear Search service repositories during installation and updates and click OK.
  • Choose Add Repository
  • In the Browse field, enter location of the repository.config file unzipped earlier
    e.g. .../SametimeProxyServer/disk1/STProxy/respository.config
  • Select OK
  • In the main Installation Manager window, choose Update
  • Select the IBM Sametime Server Platform package group
  • Next
  • Enter the WebSphere wasadmin user credentials for the Sametime Proxy Server and then click Validate
  • Next
  • Enter the Sametime System Console server details, and WebSphere wasadmin credentials
  • Next
  • Upgrade

5. Follow the instructions on the screen until the installation completes

NOTE: If you are running a multi-node (cluster) configuration, then repeat these instructions on each node.

New changes in this hotfix:
- Added timeout to validation of push service connectivity to prevent login failure for mobile devices
- Improvements to cluster failover handling
- Improved error messages for file transfer in Internet Explorer
- Fixed A/V capability updates for mobile devices returning from background mode
- Fixed display of long strings in business card
- Fixed layout issue with quick find results and contact list in iNotes
- Improved logout handling when integrated with Sametime Meetings
- Fixed issue sending file transfer to a guest user when in a Sametime Meeting
- Fixed issue sending screen capture to an anonymous user
- Improved mobile web client integration
- Allow wildcards in quick find search
- Improvements for accessibility
- Security update for file transfer
- Performance improvements
- Security update to prevent a potential XSS issue
- Fixed UI issues with the Sametime contact list portlet in IBM WebSphere Portal

Contains all changes from previous hotfix:
- Fixed potential XSS issue
- Fixed WebKit console reference error when running in debug mode
- Sametime Contact List Portlet updated to work with ST9
- Improved loading time for large buddy lists in IE8
- Fixed memory leak in UserInfoService
- Fixed issue with Meetings presence awareness after session expiry
- Fixed issue with wrong contact list / chat window showing on shared device
- Updated AutoAway extension description for Google Chrome
- Improvements to web client failover
- Fixed "Bring Window To Front" behaviour
- Fixed contact list rendering issues
- Fixed emoticon display issue

Note: This cumulative hotfix also includes all previous changes from previous hotfixes.

Document information

More support for: IBM Sametime
Sametime Proxy Server and Web Client

Software version: 9.0

Operating system(s): AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

Reference #: 1660269

Modified date: 14 March 2016