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Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.2: Settings in configuration files are not maintained after upgrade

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When you upgrade to IBM Cognos Disclosure Management Version 10.2.2, the upgrade process backs up the current Cognos Disclosure Management configuration files and replaces them with the newly created files from the installer. This backup operation does not automatically merge the content from the previous config files to the new ones. Please refer to the description and remediation sections below for more information. (APAR PI07894)


Affected Versions
The issue described occurs when upgrading to Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.2 from any previous version of the product. Customers who are planning to upgrade to Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.2 should refrain from upgrading until further notice.

This issue does not affect customers who are performing a fresh installation of Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.2, or customers who are migrating directly from IBM Cognos FSR.


Cognos Disclosure Management configuration files contain external data connection details as well as overall application customization. During the upgrade process to Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.2, the following files are backed up:

  • appsettings.config
  • CDM.config
  • CDMXBRL-nhibernate.config
  • connectionstrings.config
  • credentials.config
  • logging.config
  • notifications.config
  • System.ServiceModel.Behaviors.config
  • System.ServiceModel.Bindings.config
  • System.ServiceModel.Extensions.config
  • System.ServiceModel.ServiceHostingEnvironment.config
  • System.ServiceModel.Services.config
  • Web.config

When the backup occurs, each of the files is renamed with a .old extension (for example, appsettings.config.old) and a replacement file is deployed from the installer. Normally, older information from the backed up file is merged with the newly deployed file (for example, data connections to external sources found in the Credentials.config, or customized configurations in CDM.config). However, the older information is not applied to the newly deployed files by the upgrade process.


Please take appropriate actions based on the following:

I have upgraded to Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.2 already. How do I proceed?
Because you have already upgraded to this version, it is likely that your current configuration files are still backed up in the following location: <location of Cognos Disclosure Management web service> \Config>. To check, navigate to the location of your web service directory and open the corresponding .config.old file.

The file contains your older configurations. Complete the following steps:

1. Click here to download the CDM Configuration File Merger Utility.

2. Extract the content of the zip file.

The utility can be used in either of the following ways:
  • Copy ConfigMergeTool folder in the tools server installation, alongside the other available tools as in the screenshot below:

  • Right click and ‘Run as administrator’ the "configmerge.bat" inside the ConfigMergeTool folder.

  • Copy the folder anywhere on the disk.
  • Run as administrator the configmerge.bat file with a parameter specifying the path to the CDM Server iis folder.
    C:\ConfigMergeTool>MergeConfig.bat “C:\inetpub\wwwroot\CognosDM-Server”

I have upgraded to Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.2 Interim Fix 1 and now both files are affected. How do I proceed?
If you have upgraded to Cognos Disclosure Management 10.2.2 Interim Fix 1, your configuration files were probably overwritten with the new installer configuration files. Please contact IBM Support for further assistance.

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