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After deploying a current snapshot for IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) Advanced, a deployed application fails to start and a "pending process template" error is seen

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You deploy the current snapshot through the Process Center and the installation process seems to be successful. However, when an application starts there a process template error occurs in the systemout.log file.


The following error occurs in the systemout.log file:

ProcessContai E   CWWBF0135E:  Starting the process application 'APP_NAME'
failed due to pending process template updates.    

ProcessContai E             CWWBA0010E: Unexpected  
exception during execution.                                        


When a previous version of the application was uninstalled, the process did not complete. As a result, some orphan data is left in the PROCESS_TEMPLATE_B_T table.

Diagnosing the problem

Check the PROCESS_TEMPLATE_B_T table for the process template of the problem application that failed to start. Determine whether data exists in the table for the same named process template of the old version application that has already uninstalled. If the data exists, then the orphan data in that table is the reason why the application cannot start properly.

Resolving the problem

To remove the orphan data, you can use the script, which is documented in the Deleting process templates that are no longer valid topic within the information center.

You might also find the following information and tools helpful:

After removing the invalid templates, restart the server. Check whether the applications are able to start after finishing the installation process.

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