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Sametime 9.0 Hot Fix 1

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Sametime 9.0 Hot Fix 1 is now available. This hot fix includes several new features and
resolves a number of issues affecting various Sametime servers and clients.

Hot Fix 1 adds support for Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Mac OS X 10.9.


What's New in Hot Fix 1
Warning: The Sametime Limited Use 9 Community Server is a newer release than the Sametime 9 Hot Fix 1 Community Server. Do not apply Hot Fix 1 to the Limited Use 9 Community Server.

In Hot Fix 1, the following features were added to Sametime 9 Communicate, Conference, and Complete offerings:

  • Microsoft Office Integration

    Updated for Sametime 9, Office Integration enables users to collaborate, create meetings, and chat with coworkers directly through Microsoft Office applications. Sametime Office Integration with the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server allows similar collaboration with coworkers who use Office SharePoint Server as their instant messaging application.
  • TLS support for clients

    TLS (Transport Layer Security) support was added to the Sametime Community Server and Sametime Community MUX for client connections. Note that TLS support is not available when the Sametime Community Server runs on IBM i.
  • Community widgets for use with IBM Connections 4 and later.

    The Chat Rooms widget displays a list of Sametime chat rooms and allows a user to enter a chat room directly from Connections. The Meeting Rooms widget displays a list of Sametime meeting rooms and allows a user to join a meeting directly from Connections.

Downloading Hot Fix 1

Sametime 9.0 Hot Fix 1 includes the following updated components, available from IBM Fix Central:

Installing Hot Fix 1

There are no new requirements for IBM WebSphere Network Deployment or IBM Domino. The hot fix contains updates to Sametime servers and clients only.

Note: The Sametime System Console must be the same product version or newer than the Sametime servers. For example, the Sametime 9.0 Sametime System Console cannot manage a Sametime 9.0 Hot Fix 1 Sametime server.

The servers and clients included in Hot Fix 1 can be used to update your existing Sametime 9.0 deployment, or can be installed as new servers and clients. The exceptions are Sametime Gateway and Stand-Alone Sametime clients - the Hot Fix 1 will only update an existing 9.0 installation.

Instructions for installing Hot Fix 1 are available as part of the Sametime 9.0 product documentation in the Sametime Knowledge Center. See the topic Updating Sametime 9 to Hot Fix 1.

The Sametime Community Server's buildinfo.txt file displays the following information after the Hotfix is installed:

Date=Wed Nov 20 19:05:49 EST 2013

The Sametime System Console is not upgraded during the Hot Fix, therefore, administrators must check the buildinfo.txt file.

Document information

More support for: IBM Sametime

Software version: 9.0,

Operating system(s): AIX, Apple iOS, Google Android, IBM i, Linux, Mac OS X, Windows

Software edition: Communicate, Complete, Conference

Reference #: 1656751

Modified date: 14 April 2014