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This document summarizes the changes included for the IBM Security Network Protection XGS All Models Firmware 5.1.1 Fixpack 1.


Fix Pack History

Defect 44972: Address an issue where security events              are lost on the way to SiteProtector and local event database.

Defect 43765: When filtering an IPS Policy using multiple boolean filters, the filters can behave unexpectedly and fail to work as intended by the user. It is necessary to clear your browser   cache after this fix is applied.

Defect 44416: Fix a crash in the inspection process due to memory corruption. A reboot is necessary for this fix to apply after installing the fixpack.

Defect 46532: Fix the matching of events generated over SSL MITM so that IPS objects other than the default IPS Object will match. A reboot is necessary for this fix to apply after installing the fixpack.

Defect 46710: Fix LMI pages so that they will render correctly in Google Chrome v30.

Defect 43781: Fix an issue that results in a Reset instead of Block page with SSL decryption and Web Apps.

Defect 46521: Fix an issue that resulted in dropped TCP connections that had been established before packet processing was started.

Defect 46542: Fix an issue where the XGS doesn't block exploit code contained in PDF documents transferred via HTTPS.

Defect 46141: Fix a random resource leak in the analysis engine.

Defect 47095: Fix a issue with the default IPS Policy not properly enabling the default IPS objects.

Defect 46522: Fix a rare network packet buffer leak.

Defect 46484: Fix an issue where the unanalyzed policy setting is not taken into account when flushing the packet queue.  
A reboot is required for the changes made by the fixpack to apply.  It also recommended to clear the browser cache on any browsers used to manage the appliance.

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