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Fix list for the Rational Publishing Engine 1.2.1 Hot Fix

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Late in the 1.2.1 development cycle, several customers identified defects that they encountered in previous versions of Rational Publishing Engine. These issues affected the Document Studio and Rational Reporting for Document Generation (RRDG) components and were significant enough to warrant publishing an update immediately after version 1.2.1 was released rather than waiting until the next release. In addition, several items identified by the quality assurance team were also addressed.


Review the issues that were fixed in the Rational Publishing Engine 1.2.1 hot fix installation:

APAR ID Component affected Description
Opened internally Document Studio Delete button does not work in the Launcher perspective of Document Studio
Opened internally Document Studio Duplicated references (variables, data sources, master pages, styles) in Document Studio outline and the conflict resolution wizard
Opened internally RRDG "Fit tables to page width" does work as expected for table within table if the container has a master page
Opened internally RRDG If retry count is defined in the metadata of the document specification, the maximum number of attempts will always be made for Generic XML/REST data sources. The impact on the performance is non-existent since after the first successful request the data will be reused from the local cache
Opened internally RRDG On Red Hat Linux the Rational Publishing Engine output is saved in default temp location even though a full path is provided in the document specification
PM98063 Document Studio Performance issues loading and editing templates that have a large number of dynamically imported templates/snippets*
PM99348 RRDG Poor performance with deep query nesting
Opened internally RRDG RGB color format not supported for XHTML text elements
Opened internally Document Studio Schema annotations not used in Studio
Opened internally Document Studio Studio allows copy-pasting a query in a non-compatible context which in turns corrupts the template
PM98867 Document Studio Unable to copy a template fragment that contains a reference to another template from one part of the template to another
*The fix for this issue was also provided for Rational Publishing Engine

For more information about downloading and applying the hot fix to Rational Publishing Engine or a product that incorporates the Rational Reporting for Document Generation component, contact IBM Support.

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