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Convert small significance levels in output to scientific notation

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I would like Significance levels in my SPSS Statistics output to be displayed in scientific notation if the value is less than .001. Currently, such values are displayed as .000 and the SET SMALL command does not affect these values.


A new command, OUTPUT MODIFY, was introduced in SPSS Statistics version 22.0. This command allows you to convert the format for these small significance levels to scientific notation. Run this syntax after creating the output:


You need only run the command once to convert applicable significance levels in all of the pivot tables in the active output viewer at that point. Running the OUTPUT MODIFY command does not affect output for analyses which are run  after the OUTPUT MODIFY command is run.  
If you wish to apply a different cutoff than .001, you can replace "0.0010" in the /TABLECELLS phrase SELECTCONDITION="x<0.0010" with your desired cutoff value.

In SPSS Statistics versions prior to 22.0, you can see the scientific notation for very small significance levels by double-clicking the pivot table involved, then moving the cursor over the significance level. The value is displayed in scientific notation in a pop-up, but the table is not converted by this operation.

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