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Jazz SM DASH 3.0 Fixpack 1 upgrade failure. WASX7341W error

Technote (troubleshooting)


Applying DASH 3.0 Fixpack 1 to a DASH server that is part of a High Availability cluster, fails with an error like this:
"DASH FP1 upgrade failed with return code: -1"


The DASH Fixpack1 upgrade failed with errors in the <Jazz-HOME>/profiles/wsadmin.traceout file.

(see below for details )


The Jazz SM DASH 3.0 FP1 failed because the DASH nodes were part of a HA Cluster and need to be disjoined before the upgrade.


Jazz SM/DASH 3.1 server part of a High Availability (HA) cluster.

Diagnosing the problem

Errors similar to these will be in the wsadmin.traceout file:

[9/19/13 11:13:32:907 EDT] 00000001 AbstractShell E WASX7120E: Diagnostic information from exception with text " WASX7418E: Application update for isc failed: see previous messages for details. " follows:
[9/19/13 11:13:32:912 EDT] 00000001 AbstractShell A WASX7093I: Issuing message: "WASX7017E: Exception received while running file "/opt/tws/IBM/JazzSM/ui/temp/fixpack/"; exception information: WASX7418E: Application update for isc failed: see previous messages for details. [9/19/13 11:13:32:915 EDT] 0000001f WasxShell A WASX7341W: No "save" was performed before the interactive scripting session exited; configuration changes will not be saved.

Resolving the problem

When upgrading multiple DASH instances running in a load balanced cluster; each node should be disjoined from the original cluster and upgraded separately. Once all the nodes have been upgraded, a new cluster can be created.

Please refer to this link in knowledge center for information on removing a node from Dashboard Application Services Hub cluster.

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